The Triskelion


Celtic triskelion

What does the triskelion represent to me? To me, the three outward spirals represent the triple staged process of Samsara (life, death, rebirth). Where these three parts come together in the center denotes breaking free of this and gaining Nirvana (ultimate enlightenment).

This universal motif can be found on the flags of numerous nations. It also has been found on a lot of ancient artwork and architecture as well. There are many other numerous symbols to compare this to. For example look at the three hares, triquetra, valknut, taegeuk, snoldelev (interlaced horns), gankyl.

The locations and historical values found with this particular trinitarian image are far too numerous to namer or list. if anyone here can offer some extra input of insight? I’d really love to get another brother’s perspective on this beautiful mystical symbol.

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2 Responses to The Triskelion

  1. janoklark says:

    All symbols have a holy meaning that can be found, just as all terms in language have noble senses. The triskelion seems to be an important symbol to Europeans, especially the Celts and the Spaniards. I’m still looking it up though. Not much information out there on the specific meaning of it, it seems….

  2. janoklark says:

    I’ve found some answers. It is in fact similar to the Yin/Yang picture of constant conflict and motion forward. Also the three branches can represent:
    * Spirit, Mind, Body
    * Father, Son, Holy Ghost
    * Mother, Father, Child
    * Past, Present, Future
    * Power, Intellect, Love
    * Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
    * Creation, Preservation, Destruction

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