KBH Lingo

Androphile: A man who likes to be around other guys and form brotherhoods, i.e., a fascist nutter

Arm Carcinophobia: The irrational fear of an unknown type of cancer that may or may not exist depending whether or not you have your arm surgically removed. Very similar to the great fear and lies perpetrated by the status quo for the mutilation of infant male genitalia ….

BM: Abbreviation for Bull Manure. Variation of horsefeathers, hooey, flimflam, bunkum

Brainsmudge: (v) To fill the brain of another with gold, diamonds and other jew garbage. Antonym: brainwash, learn (someone)

a crimped wonder, plannin his next step

a crimped wonder, plannin his next step

Clean cut killer: A murderer and product of the cruel and anti-male practice of circumcision. A common serial killer, for example Ted Bundy, Rodney Alcala, or Jeremy Bryan Jones.  He’s not cut, but crimped…but it’s to spin the use of the term “clean cut” to describe debilitated men

Crimped: A more accurate term than “circumcised” or “cut”, as nearly every crimped, sexually mutilated semi-male is debilitated and handicapped via a crimping device called the Gomco (Goldstein medical company) clamp

Deathspasm: used to replace the current misnomer “orgasm”

Deathstyle: An alternate term for the misnomer “homosexual lifestyle.” Also, the queer deathstyle

Dirt: Something good and useful that you can grow food from. In a related sense, anything good and valuable: Gee, Rye, this new article of yours is good as dirt. Antonyms: gold, diamonds

Fascist: Someone who dares to speak the truth

feminut Millie Tant

feminut Millie Tant

Feminut: A KBH punching bag, an american woman who wants more, a whiny, ungrateful wench, a fat, ugly bitch (no offence to dogs), a heinous cow who wants to show their teets on a slutwalk, but tries to stop people from taking pictures. Antonyms: Nazi, GWM, human being

Food: fresh plant matter. Antonyms: carcass, flesh, meat, chicken abortion

Freedumb of screech: The right of yankees to spew their nasty kosher spunk all over the internets

Gold: Worthless jew-trash. See also diamonds

GWM: Good White Male, i.e. Rastus Jones, Mike Delaney, John De Nugent….: He’s having an off day, but generally Johnny is a GWM

hebroHebro: The hero jew who shows up in every crisis reported in the jews. For example, like Gene Rosen of the Sandy Hoax [1], Dan SchuellerChristopher Jon Bjerknes (who saves us from the einswine hoax), Mordechai Vanunu (“exposing” israhell’s “nukes“), Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Carlos Arredondo [1], “Joey Greco“, Dean Edell, Paul Fleiss, Ronald Goldman, Howard Stern (LOL, a pharisees saving us from genital mutilation!)….

Hinjew: a darker and yet more coprophillic specie of chosen ones, e.g., Osho

Homophile: Healthy, happy men and women who enjoy the company of their own sex, an enjoyment which is a boon, as same sex relations are easy, natural and fruitful. Males never complain that male friends don’t understand them. Males and other males – particularly of the same race and even family – have fruitful spiritual and business relations. Antonym: misandrist, faggot, queer.

Homophobe: A completely insane person who doesn’t like poojabbers and coprophagists, who thinks a man’s bunghole might be dirty, and that people who rub their scars in poop and drink others’ piss might carry more diseases than other people. A nutter who might suggest a complete lecher with an average lifespan of 42 is probably a pervert and misopede who might molest them kids and/or spread disease

Jewgle: The company that controls most of the internet, which stole its programming from a hinjew, whom they later drowned in his own swimming pool

Jewniversity: A place where one goes to pay for a job and get brainsmudged by feminuts

: Kosher, chosen, of, by, or for kikes. Replaces the star of Goloka ✡ which chosens stole from Hinduism

Lady Gross Gross: A hermaphrodite Jewish perverted performer, whom I’ve thankfully never seen singing and who has also thankfully gotten a nosejob

Libertard: Someone who’d want to legalize murder to stop the insane and unwinable war on murder, and to allow the government to regulate and tax murder so it can be done in a clean way and so schools can be funded. In the same way they want legalized (moralized) drugs, prostitution, and who knows what else. Synonyms: randroid, zeitguy

Misopede: Lit. “hater of children,” a term to replace “pedophile,” and “pederast” (terms which literally mean “lover of children”). Describes people who attack children, especially those that attack sexually

MIPS: Mucosally-Induced Prostatic Spasm, used to replace the misnomers “sex” and “orgasm”

Obomba: the trigger-happy ZOGbot president of the US, also known as Obonzo, Obimbo, Obongo, Barry Soetoro…

Poisonography: replacing the vague term “pornography” (which literally means “commercial pictures”)

Pornstain: replacing the word “pornstar”, as such prostitutes and slaves are not stars in any sense of the term [see also the KBH’s Pornstain Epitaph]

Ratfacebook: FacebookⓀ

Snivel rights: The rights of yankees not to criticise koshers

Stinky mucosal orifice: the vajayjay, the female bug-out bag, poontang. The fem mortgage plan, blueprint for life and plan of survival

Stump: replacing the word “penis” for things such as jews, mudslimes, and yankees: The goal of the chosen existence is to rub their scarred stump in poop [referring to Roman Polanski, “Ron Jeremy”, et. al.]

Wankapedia: The chosen website started by pornographer and kike Jimmy Wales (though what its real name is, no one knows)

WIT: an acronym for What In Tarnation, a proper Southern replacement for the current popular Ebonics acronym WTF

a scholartard, credentialed windbag or zeitguy

a scholartard, credentialed windbag or zeitguy

Zeitguy: Someone who thinks technology will make the world a better place, that we’re all just about to cure AIDS, clone monkey brains, and drive around in flyin cars. An atheist in the German style. A wanker who thinks our ancestors worshipped the sun instead using the sun as a symbol of jyoti. A fool who does not understand the myth of technological progress, i.e., planned obsolescence, solving problem X while creating problem Y, and that machinese and tools are merely the slaves of their users’ intentions: Carl Sagan was an atheist zeitguy of pathetic and kosher proportions. Synonyms: scholartard, technocrat, jew. Antonyms: yogi, sage, guru, redneck, hick

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  1. also the use of the terms deathstyle in reference to the homosexual deathstyle as opposed to the using the term homosexual lifestyle

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