True vs. Bastardised Terms

So.  My brothers. There two senses to every word in every language: the true sense, and the bastardized sense. Feel free to add to this list, contribute pictures or what have you.


Bastardized: Not accepting the princess/queen agenda. Dismantling unrealistic propaganda concerning the goddess. Putting women in their place. True: practicing MIPS or otherwise defiling the female body. Kissing up to women in order to get sexual favors. Creating or digesting poisonography and the spiritual insulting of the female being.


Bastardized: Getting PMS over something. Having a raised heartrate and flipping out from the inside. Being angry with all your being and deflating one’s self of all prana. Goin’ postal like a woman scorned. True: Putting on a strong display of displeasure and taking action against evil, as anyone with healthy conscience would do.


Bastardized: Misandria, misopedia. Defiling the male creative organ with unspeakable acts of anti-male heresy. Hatred of your fellow man through anal worship. Destroying society through perversion and breaking up of healthy male-male relationships. Sexually assaulting children. True: Androphilia. Love of your common man. Brotherhood with other moral, upright men, and networking to make justice and patriarchy a reality in society.

Real Virility: Honor and Justice

Real Virility: Honor and Justice


Bastardized: Criminality. Blood lust. Shoveling corpses in one’s face. Ingesting mass amounts of poisons. Being an alcoholic. Looking like a neanderthal. True: Upholding chivalry, justice. Creating peace through justice. Saying what needs to be said. Having the courage to face evil in ourselves and society and make changes. Admitting guilt when guilty. Taking responsibility. Taking your lumps when your just punishment comes. Telling the truth.


Bastardized: Giving someone what they want now. Doing what someone irrational tells you. Blind affection. Defiling someone’s body with prurient acts. True: Making people happy, wholesomely fulfilled. Caring for someone’s future. Telling someone the truth when they don’t want to hear it. Being tough with someone to the degree they can accept. Being your brother’s steward.

Honoring your Parents

Bastardized: Doing what they say. True: Doing what they say if it is moral and good. Teaching them what is moral and good if necessary. Taking care of them when they are suffering, but letting them suffer as much as they can accept from their own sins and mistakes. Helping them escape the cycle of life and death. Leaving them when they are hindering you from escaping the cycle of life and death. Being a model of righteousness.


Bastardized: A group of evil people doing crazy things. True: Progenitors of true culture, who cultivate common music, lingo, and practices, which then contribute positively to the greater culture. Groups of men who do good things. “Good gangs,” if you will.


Bastardized: Hatred of Jews for no reason at all. A mental illness. True: The hatred of Arabs and other truly semitic races, or opposition of one or more of their negative traits (like circumcision, meat-eating, or environmental destruction).

Jew arrested

Hassids have a global network of diamond and drug smugglers that needs to be stopped before it kills more Africans, corrupts more youth or razor rapes more baby boys


Bastardized: 1. Hatred of Jews for no reason. Insanity. 2. The desire to put four times the total number of Jews into ovens as an offering to G-d. 3. Blaming all of one’s troubles on Jews and using it as an excuse for inaction. True: 1. Opposition to the international criminal network, commonly known as “Jews.” 2. Allowing Jewish boys to be razor raped for fake religious reasons. 3. Blaming Jewish crimes on Jews, proposing the punishment of such criminals first as they are organized and the largest such group of its kind, and taking positive steps to put them to justice and replace them with better leaders on the world stage.


Bastardized: 1. Supporting the Jewish criminal network by continuing to lie about things like 911, Apollo, World War Two history and genital mutilation. 2. Supporting their criminal network by the use of their cigarettes, booze, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, prostitutes, and watching their sick media and potty humor. True: 1. Attempting to covert Jews to real religion. 2. Trying to help Jews purify Judaism itself. 3. Saving Jewish men from genital mutilation to give them a headstart in leading normal, fulfilling lives. 4. Helping Jews peacefully acquire a real nation and illegalizing changes in surnames, which will promote responsibility and environmental stewardship values in their community.


Bastardized: A disease caused by a random virus which kills innocent misopedes. True: A disease caused by immoral behavior which justifiably kills its victims. [1]

Blood Diamonds

Bastardized: Diamonds sold outside the criminal DeBeers/Leviev cartel. True: Diamonds sold by the criminal DeBeers/Leviev cartel.

Krishna and great snake

Krishna atop a great snake


Bastardized: Freak animals caused by evolution from a primordial soup which lived in an inferior environment which eventually killed them off and proved that God is clumsy. Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, long before our ancestors walked the earth. Our ancestors were too stupid to find the bones while they were farming or building things to figure it out. True: The dragons that our ancestors talked of. They were reptiles that grew to enormous proportions and long ages with vastly superior nutrition and a lack of predators (i.e. a low human population). Creatures from the Garden of Eden.

St. George slaying the dragon

St. George slaying the dragon, because it was eating sheep and children


Bastardized: Our ancestors lied and told silly stories for six thousand years, and the Chinese even made this fictitious animal its national mascot. How stupid all those people were for all those millenia! We’re much more intelligent today. We know that dragons never existed. True: Great reptiles raised in the Garden of Eden. The embellished mascot of the Chinese nation. The subject of stories from all nations from all over the world, told by rational, intelligent human beings. Most dragons and dragon species are victims of devolution, an exploding human population, and vast environmental destruction.


Bastardized: The state of avoiding the most random pathogens. Having a strong immune system, which is randomly achieved, or achieved by eating more oranges. Being able to do MIPS with the most women. True: The natural state of a moral man, who has less negative karmic load and enjoys blessings from God, one of which is vibrant health.

Two men praying together

Two men praying together


Bastardized: Having a lot of gold in your pocket, playin with some newfangled electronic dohickey while you stand in a toxic desert. Drivin’ around in a Ferrari while shoutin’ “Pave the earth!” Eating lambchops, steppin’ in dung, havin’ flypaper over your dinin’ room table, blood drippin down your cheek while a living lamb in your front yard comes around and eats the last sprout of grass in a seven-mile radius.True: Havin’ a strong spiritual and cultural foundation in life. Bein a part of a lively, intelligent group. Havin clean water, fresh air and organic produce. Havin’ some animal friends. Livin’ and workin’ in the buildings and clothes you done made yourself. Everything havin’ a handmade touch.


Bastardized: An addled old lady on a kosher TV show tellin’ ya 500 ways to throw your pearls to swine. True: A person tellin’ ya how to stay chaste.


Bastardized: A strawman on the Jewish Jerry Springer show who speaks in pure Ebonics and hopes to get in a chair fight at the end. True: A man who loves his nation, is comfortable with his own kind, utilizes commonalities between his brothers to get ahead with Christ, their mission, and to improve their material wealth. A man who wants to preserve the races, their respective cultures, and learn the positive aspects of other nations (races).


Bastardized: Belief. True: Practice.


Bastardized: Mp3’s on your iPod. Noise that separates you from the world. Songs that define what clique you belong to. Sounds produced in Hollyweird studios to the Nth degree of refinement, which spoil the listener and make ppl in society think they are unfit to play music themselves, with their families or with their brothers. True: Communally shared songs that bring families and brotherhoods together. The casual playing of instruments and singing for communal enjoyment. A few wrong notes give it flavor. True bliss is achieved.


Bastardized: What evil cults do to you after you join, turning you into an unthinking robot. True: Cleaning the stool out of your mind so you can think clearly.

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  1. Tremendous post! I think in time we could have a formidable list going. Could call it “The Jewish Dictionary.”

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