Mystery of China’s AIDS ‘patients’

PATIENTS with AIDS-like symptoms but who test negative for HIV may be suffering from AIDS phobia, Shanghai medical experts said yesterday in response to reports in the Hong Kong media.

Such patients may have indulged in highly risky behavior, causing them extreme mental pressure, they said.  [more]

This underlies the fact that some patients have a strong destiny to die, and they are trying to get the hospital to go along with it.

If the hospital doesn’t help them cover up their disease by saying it’s caused by a random virus, they may actually have to deal with the behavioral roots of the issue and hopefully cure themselves before it’s too late.

Let us pray for the misopedes and that they may repent and again be blessed with good health. We have cured such a man here and let us believe it can happen again. Let there also be more and more doctors refusing the AIDS diagnosis and poisonous treatment, and let them thereby push the misopedes to face their own sins and repent. Amen and OM

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2 Responses to Mystery of China’s AIDS ‘patients’

  1. Everyone’s a victim! Life is random!

    • janoklark says:

      So true. I’m a victim of a horrible condition, too, and it’s totally random and completely unrelated to anything I’ve ever done. I hope someone gives me money and sympathy. 😛

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