Eating meat not manly

There is an unfortunate meme that infects many men in our world. The idea is that eating eat is manly and that not eating meat is feminine. Here are a list of reasons why this is not so.

1. Eating meat is an addictive behaviour. Being manly is about being free and independent and having addictions is the opposite of that. You can say that the more addictions you have the more feminine you are, and meat-eating would be big on the list of addictions.

2. Eating meat is not moral. Because you can live and live healthily on a vegetarian diet, killing animals for food is unnecessary. In truth, it is theft of life. It is a crime against justice and justice is at the heart of what it means to be a man. Indeed, it is very manly behaviour to be concerned with moral discipline. It is much easier to “go with the flow” and obey your every impulse and appetite like an animal or a woman.

3. If immorality is manliness, then thieves, murderers, gypsies, and ghetto dwellers must be taken as models of manly excellence. Because every reasonable man can see that such a conclusion is self-evidently absurd, we can reject the idea that eating meat is “cool” because it is mean.

4. An appetite for meat is the consequence of (and punishment for) having MIPS (Mucosally Induced Prostatic Spasms). MIPS make you weak and pathetic. Low on prana, you think you can replace the loss by eating the flesh of an animal. On the surface, it is manly to be strong and the man who is experiencing MIPS is not strong. On a deeper level, we can see that it is basically a vampiric impulse that drives you to eat meat, and it is woman and not man who is essentially a vampire. Meat-eaters are nothing more than vampires and that is the modus operandi of a woman not a man.

5. Most men who eat meat wouldn’t do so if they had to slaughter or hunt the animals themselves. If you can’t kill the animal you intend to eat then you are a coward.

6. Finally it is a bit edgy nowadays for a man to be a vegetarian. A vegetarian man has to contend with nagging from his non-vegetarian family and friends who ignorantly insist that you cannot be a proper man on a vegetable diet. It takes a bit of an edge and a little courage to hold true to your principles and surely that is the province of men.

In conclusion, the KBH urge everyone to “man up” and adopt a vegetarian diet.


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6 Responses to Eating meat not manly

  1. janoklark says:

    MIPS addiction is the main reason for blood lust. This is why in the Vedas “meat eating” is often used as a euphemism for MIPS.

  2. janoklark says:

    It’s interesting, too, that lionesses are hunters, and not lions, female mosquitoes suck blood – not males. The supposed “reason” for this is that they want offspring. Female mosquitoes can live vegetarian on flower nectar just like the males, until they get pregnant. Then they are driven by karma and samsara to predate on animals, supposedly for the “reason” that they want to have offspring. I did an experiment on a female mosquito in my home, and until the very death, she would not accept nectar as food. Any motion in the cage would make her dart here and there, hoping to escape so she could suck my blood. In the end, she turned her rear into the nectar pool and tried to give birth there. I pushed her off, because I don’t need any more mosquitoes here 🙂 and she just turned up and died instantly. I was amazed at the bloodthirst in that female mosquito.

    I’m also reading a novel from Haldor Laxness, where a woman eats their most prized sheep in secrecy, lies to her husband that it got lost in the hills, lets him go on a near-death battle with Iceland’s winter in the mountains looking for it – all because she was pregnant and had an irresistible passion to eat meat.

  3. hauptzer says:

    Regarding vampiric women, attention to a woman is like blood to a vampire, its almost unreal once you start to pay notice to it. I wonder if there is more to this than just an exchange of looks?

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