Dr. Harvey Kellogg

It turns out corn flakes was the inspiration of a wise and celibate man on a quest to create wholesome food to help with the fight against passion. That was the thought behind the vegetarian cereal.

Dr. Harvey Kellogg was a life-long celibate and outspoken teacher of the adverse effects of sex and masturbation. He strongly advocated celibacy and vegetarianism, claiming that intercourse was a chief cause of disease. Kellogg and his wife slept in separate bedrooms and remained celibate throughout all the years of their marriage.

“He warned that many types of sexual activity, including many “excesses” that couples could be guilty of within marriage, were against nature, and therefore, extremely unhealthy. He drew on the warnings of William Acton and expressed support for the work of Anthony Comstock. He appears to have followed his own advice; it has been suggested that he worked on Plain Facts during his honeymoon. He was an especially zealous campaigner against masturbation; this was an orthodox view during his lifetime, especially the earlier part. Kellogg was able to draw upon many medical sources’ claims such as “neither the plague, nor war, nor small-pox, nor similar diseases, have produced results so disastrous to humanity as the pernicious habit of onanism,” credited to one Dr. Adam Clarke. Kellogg strongly warned against the habit in his own words, claiming of masturbation-related deaths “such a victim literally dies by his own hand,” among other condemnations. He felt that masturbation destroyed not only physical and mental health, but the moral health of individuals as well. Kellogg also believed the practice of “solitary-vice” caused cancer of the womb, urinary diseases, nocturnal emissions, impotence, epilepsy, insanity, and mental and physical debility; “dimness of vision” was only briefly mentioned.”

Kellogg is also credited with inventing the menthol nasal inhaler and the electric blanket. In 1943, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg died at age 91, his longevity a testament to his regimen

Kellogg was also outspoken on his beliefs on race and segregation, in spite of the fact that he himself adopted a number of black children. In 1906, together with Irving Fisher and Charles Davenport, Kellogg founded the Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America. Kellogg was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool.

Unfortunately Kellogg is currently the White scapegoat for the kosher practice of circumcision in America.

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One Response to Dr. Harvey Kellogg

  1. janoklark says:

    Kellogg is a scapegoat of pharasite perversion because in one of his 200 books, he suggested circ as a last resort punishment for masturbation. to this date the KBH has seen no evidence Kellogg ever performed such mutilations and we continue to conclude that Kellogg was a celibate genius and hero.

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