Who Was the Author of Peter Pan, Part Two

Here’s some weird news:

Police are still trying to cover this up, though. They are insisting that though Jean and Janet are often interchangeable, Jean Barrie from Scotland and from the Barrie family of the author of Peter Pan in Scotland has “no relation” to Janet Barrie, an immigrant from Scotland who buried mummified babies in Peter Pan paraphernalia. Jean M. Barrie was J.M. Barrie’s cousin and lived in San Francisco, also close to the site of the mummified babies. She was also a “reader of plays” which is in the same field as her fiendish cousin. [see picture of her with an advertisement of her services here].

This follow up article is from the AP and is attempting to cover up the connection:

Why are authorities still covering up misopedia of an author who died in the 1930’s? As we’ll see in part three, Peter Pan is still being used to trivialize the kidnapping, sexual slavery and killing of our young boys.

Also czech out Part One and Part Three.

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