Correcting Intactivist Mistakes

All brothers are against MGM. It is necessary to clarify our position, however, as there are strange arguments floating around that are also against MGM.

1. “Let him make that choice as an adult if he wants to.”

If a man walked into a hospital wanting his healthy arm cut off, would the hospital be allowed to do this? What would society think of this man? The hospital would not be allowed to do this, and the man would probably be thought of as criminally insane.

The same is true with circumcision. It should not be seen as a choice at any time in life, nor as a curative procedure done by a hospital. If someone choses this, they are obviously mentally defective and are a menace to society. If a hospital goes to do it to cure an infection, then they are clearly incapable of practicing medicine. Women get around ten times the infections that men do, and labiectomy and the like are never considered by hospitals. In fact as I wrote the word “labiectomy” my spellchecker reminded me that it is not even a word in the English language. So why do I write “circumcision” and all is well? The answer is that society thinks it’s OK to hack away at a man’s manhood, but women get protected as idolized beings.

2. “Condoms prevent AIDS, not circumcision.”

This argument sounds like a shameless advertisement for con-dumbs. Condoms do not prevent AIDS. AIDS is myth. The issue is too complex to describe in one paragraph, but a simple skimming of the page will show the reader that the AIDS issue is not what is commonly thought.

Secondly, con-dumbs are highly porous. They have countless holes in them that are many times larger than what people are claiming to be the AIDS virus.

Third, con-dumbs are highly toxic, contain 57 known FDA toxins like benzene, two of which are cancer-causing (like n-nitrosamine) and one of which causes birth defects. The next thing we’ll find out is that latex is made with dead pigs or something. They aren’t even that effective in preventing pregnancy. (Current stats on con-dumb effectiveness assume a couple will have MMM just once, which is rarely the case).

MMM will never be safe. Safe MMM is like safe abortion or acid tripping. It’s a newspeak lie that our grandparents would have never deigned to utter, much less print. Condumbs are an insult to our manhood just as putting a bag over our head would be considered creepy and shameful. We wouldn’t let that stinky blubber touch any part of our bodies, much less our manhood.

Intactivists conveniently avoid any real sex education content in their message. Chastity is ruled out as impossible. Yet, promiscuity is exactly what brought mankind into circumcision in the first place.  If perversion is not addressed, any gains made in intactivism today will be lost tomorrow.

3. “Circumcision is wrong because it deprives men of fantastic orgasms.”

This argument is put forth by Penn and Teller, Howard Stern, Ron Lowe and others.

The death-spasm is the last thing we want. The nerves there are in place to prevent us from perversion by causing pain. The motile mechanism is there to keep things clean (provided we don’t dirty them up on purpose). Our whole bodies are the way they are because God designed them that way.

Let us pray for the victims of genital mutilation and that they may heal and become whole again. Amen and OM.

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