Too Much is…Too Much

From the now totally discredited Osho and their group (along with all other kinds of off shoots, even here in China), we have heard in detail and published in many books the idea of sinning on purpose in order to get sick of sin and stop sinning. This evil and proposterous doctrine has ruined thousands of lives, and is the facade of many charlatans.

The first time I heard this “sin to stop sinning” doctrine was in high school. I had a friend named Josh, and when his father discovered that Josh had tried smoking cigarettes, he took Josh into a room and forced him to smoke several packs of cigarettes until he became green in the face and threw up. The father’s idea was that he’d force Josh to get sick of smoking and associate it with being sick, thereby stopping Josh from smoking again. Sadly, however, when I graduated from high school, his father’s idea had not worked and Josh was smoking more than ever.

There are several key points which debunk this Osho doctrine. Number one, it makes sin seem like not a big deal, and that there are no victims. The doctrine merely talks of the religious seeker and how he will try to stop sinning. It doesn’t talk about the suffering of others, including women, animals, and families, which fall victim to sinning. The Osho group often emphasized sexual sinning to get sick of MMM*. Yet, who is supposed to help someone on this path to non-sinning? Who is supposed to be laying there when the seeker is working out his issues? Osho and Mantak Chia etc. simply never mention who this partner is. They write their books to readers who apparently think they are the only people on this earth. When it comes time to practice, some nameless, faceless woman is supposed to be lying there for the act, and it is assumed (as in porn) that no marriage, pregnancy or family is intended. It’s assumed that this faceless woman lying on the bed will not get pregnant, nor will have any emotional trauma related to being used as a MMM toy.

The same goes for any other sinning that may be adopted, supposedly to stop sinning. What if someone was a murderer like the Son of Sam, who honestly wanted to become free of homicidal tendencies? Would we recommend that he murder people until he become sick of it? Maybe this example seems extreme, but other sins are only lesser in degree, not in intention. We call them sins, after all, because there are victims. If we eat meat there are huge slaughterhouses filled with pain, fear, blood, and the worst stench imaginable. If one goes off looking at porn it captures yet another slave into the massive and disgusting porn industry. If people steal, yet more people are hurt.

Even when Josh was being forced to smoke, his father had bought cigarettes from Philip Morris company, one of the more important public faces to the Jewish mafia. Most cigarettes sold today are smuggled by pirates and corrupt officials. After supporting this terrorist group with his money, Josh’s father also hurt his son’s body and himself with the foul smoke that cigarettes produce. There’s even the problem of cigarette refuse, which has been shown to kill off fish and birds. It may have seemed harmless, but the point is that the harm is much more than they thought, and continuing to make victims is never worth whatever your goal is.

The perfect argument against Osho is, if someone wants to stop sinning, why not stop sinning now? If they’ve understood that a behavior of theirs is a sin, they why would they keep doing it, much less doing it on a grand scale? If they don’t understand how every sin creates victims, then they should do more research into the matter (for instance, into the huge problem of sex slavery, which is not often discussed). It is also our duty to all that might be considered subordinate to ourselves to instruct and educate. Josh’s father was not doing a good job of educating Josh on the harms of smoking nor on the piracy, corruption and environmental destruction caused by it.

In closing I’ll repeat a Chinese idiom which perfectly illustrates this point: 南轅北轍 nan2 yuan2 bei3 zhe2, which refers to a chariot driver going south when wanting to go north. He didn’t understand that his beautiful chariot and powerful horses were actually working against him going north, since he was headed the wrong direction.

As with all allegories, the story sounds silly. Who would be such an idiot to claim that their car is the best on the market, so they are certainly going the direction they are intending? But if you think about it, the Osho followers had to pay lots of money, and were convinced they were in the best program to cure their issues and problems. The Osho programs in Nanjing here are very expensive. Anyone can see that the students in these pornographic and satanic classes are certain they are doing what is best, because they paid for it. So in reality the allegory is referring to situations like this, where someone will not listen to good council because they’ve taken a luxury handbasket to hell.

If we want to go north, we should simple turn north and start going north <b>now</b>. We would make more progress even if crawling on our hands and knees, than someone in a Mercedes headed south on a highway.

*MMM refers to Mutual Mucosal Masturbation, a term often used by Knights, as what people call “sex” these days is not sex at all. If it were really sex, the population of humans on this earth would be in the trillions.

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