Five Years of Upgrades

I’m both excited and nervous to see that I have completed five years of perfect celibacy. I’m excited that I’ve made it this far and that staying away from women is automatic for me now, but nervous that so much more needs to be done to get me (and other brothers) to Samadhi.

To say the least, Rastus Jones and myself have witnessed a great blossoming of celibacy literature on the internet. The most critical step was the establishing of some fifteen years ago, along with the patience and wisdom of Rastus himself. The next Brother to arrive was Nick, who was less outspoken but still courageously public. I was a late comer, but public on a level of Rastus himself. Several other brothers have showed up on the scene between those years and recently.

I’d like to stress the importance of being public for celibates at this stage (though this stage may soon come to a close). This is because it is still seen as a shame to be celibate, so anonymous advocacy of celibacy does not help the cause very much at this point.

Over these five years, there have been enormous strides in free speech, with more and more people talking out against our current immoral world order.

Circumcision in North America has taken a huge hit, as more men are realizing their manhood and gaining masculine pride and restraint. The Mormon Church has grown significantly, along with other forces which are working for chastity and strong families.

In short, as my personal chastity lives on, the whole world dream upgrades. I hope that all brothers and knights encourage each other well along this path, and that our world dream continue to upgrade in the future. We will keep up with our meditation, and work to samadhi with diligence.

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2 Responses to Five Years of Upgrades

  1. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    Hi Janoklark,

    First I want to say how much I enjoy this blog.

    Thanks to all the good men behind it.

    I have a question for you, or any other brother who wants to respond.

    “I’m excited that I’ve made it this far and that staying away from women is automatic for me now”

    When you say “staying away”, do you mean that you completely avoid the presence of women? Even your mom?

    If so, does that mean even pictures of women on the internet? (I’m not talking about just nude or pornographic pictures, but just random pictures of women?)

    I agree that avoidance does help with the dream state stuff. I mean, it’s not very difficult to restrain oneself in the waking state. I’m very blessed because I experience virtually zero temptation in the waking state. But I wonder how what we see (women, especially immodestly dressed women) during the day time affects our dream state at night. They might not tempt our waking mind, but they might be tempting our dream mind, without us realizing it until it is too late.

    I try to avoid looking at some of the more sexualized photos on your blog. I understand why you include them; to show the kind of stuff that is out there. But I don’t think it is good for me to view those images.

    I find celibacy very enjoyable.

    Thanks for spreading the word and writing things that… no one else writes.

  2. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    One more quick question.

    “I’d like to stress the importance of being public for celibates at this stage (though this stage may soon come to a close).”

    Why do you mean when you say “this stage may soon come to a close”?

    Which stage? The anonymous stage or the public stage? And why?

    My guess is that you mean the anonymous stage, because celibacy is becoming more mainstream?

    If anything, it seems like masturbation and sexual immorality are becoming more mainstream and acceptable, even “healthy”. I see so-called religious people trying to justify masturbation with weak support.

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