Spiritual Healing over MGM

There’s an old saying in China: there were no more perverted men in history than the tai4jian1 (eunuchs). What could be the explanation for such an apparent anomaly?

When actually researching into castration and circumcision, we find much information to the contrary of what would be assumed from a typical, materialist perspective. We find that circ’ed men like North Africans, Jews, Arabs, Americans and South Koreans are not only always masturbating (and even thinking it to be normal), but they are using oils and sometimes even textured objects – as if looking for that feeling of having a motile, functional organ. Isn’t it a wonder that intact men don’t have to find out what the real feeling feels like? Circ’ed or castrated men have been thrust upon a quest from that moment close to birth or puberty to find out what the sexual function really feels like.

What should also give us pause is to consider that these men are also imprinted at the very depths of their subconscious that sex and the worst form of torture known to science are one and the same. This torture involves scalpels, screaming, being belted down, humiliated, demeaned, belittled and violated to the furthest extreme imaginable. Furthermore, the torture ritual requires lubricated sex stimulation to start. Being done to babies, the location of this imprint forms in a location perhaps never to be retrieved by their conscious, rational mind. If society is lucky these men will only turn out to be “jerks,” “yankees,” or “wankers” and not the next seemingly inexplicable serial killer. If society is blessed, a few of these men will become whole again and become saddhus.

Even for men who wish to be celibate and sublimate sex desire, the folly of opting for circumcision or castration will have disastrous results. Christ taught that circumcision must be of the heart and not of the flesh, and condemned the amputators of manhood as perverts. In modern times, Swami Sivananda stated that castration is actually the path to impurity. Even for men hoping on some level to conquer lust, getting circ’ed or castrated is a material method and ends in disastrous spiritual results. Not only has the spiritual root of lust been left untreated, it has been given the greatest stimulation and caused fantastic curiosity. Forever these men are condemned to guess and wonder what a whole, real feeling is. Even for pure men who are pure all their lives, if left amputated they will always have the strangest itch in that quarter. For circ’ed men, their inside organ will always be left outside and unnaturally abraded by clothing. Their most sensitive nerves which would normally give signals of pain during great sins of anal lust, rape, and other grave misplacements are totally missing and don’t send the warning signals to the brain. The gentle cleaning mechanism like the lid of the eye which once functioned as both a protector and tool of discipline (as manipulating it will tend to cause infection) is now missing, and endless manipulation is seemingly without cost.

The disaster which is circumcision and castration is now causing a vast epidemic of sexual perversion, rape, and unbridled lust. But it should fill us with joy that God is just. Only those men who deserve their full, functioning bodies will be given one. Those who do not deserve one will most certainly be condemned to a shallow and boring life of sexual sin, ending in a death on a vibration not too far from that of a dog. It is fully just that these people be made to pay for their sin through the sin itself, which is not the least bit enjoyable. They will then pay far into the future for every act of strip mining that they have committed upon their souls.

But let us nevertheless pray that victims of circumcision and castration can overcome their great spiritual challenges. Let us pray that they reconstruct themselves both spiritually and physically, that their minds and bodies can become whole again. Let us again thank the Lord that with our sincere repentance against sin, there is grace which may save us from the fires of hell, bring us to the light and allow us to achieve salvation. Let us save our energy on converting the unconvertible, and expend it with joy on building a great ark in troubled times, our blessed Brotherhood. Amen.

*On Christmas day, 2007, the great teacher and arguably saint, Karunamayi, explicitly blessed our Brotherhood. May we live up to this blessing.

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