Jewish Website On Avoiding Pornographhy

Below is a link to a website on dealing with pornography addiction.

Aside from having the proper attitude in this struggle – as discussed above, the most obvious practical step to conquering lust addiction is learning to guard our eyes. This is the cornerstone of breaking free, and it’s obvious why: We can’t lust for that which we don’t see. When we guard our eyes, it’s like we are avoiding the wrestling rink where the mighty Yetzer Hara is waiting to beat us up. If we simply don’t enter the rink, he can’t touch us!

Above is a link to a pdf handbook offered by the guard your eyes group.

After a heroic 88 days clean, “Letakein” had a small fall, after which she posted the following heartfelt poem:

I huddled in my jacket
As the wind began to blow
I felt the leaves crunch underfoot
So dead, so lost, so low
I watched as more leaves fell
And they tumbled to the ground
The people would all step on them
Their loss would then resound
Yellow brown and orange
holding tightly to the tree
knowing if they fell off
that there their end would be
The leaves are broken now
And they won’t be whole once more
Instead they’re being buried
Deep inside the earthly …

End Note: There are a variety of strategies of dealing with pornography addiction. One person I know said he managed to break his pornography addiction by watching so much of it that he eventually because desensitized to it and that he no longer becomes sexually aroused by scantily clad women or pornography.

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5 Responses to Jewish Website On Avoiding Pornographhy

  1. The poem on the post refers to a poem a woman wrote after having a “fall”. The word fall refers to masturbation. The people at this site are trying to avoid a number of sexual sins among which is masturbation.

  2. janoklark says:

    The idea of seeing so much of it that you are sick of it, is very dangerous. This “method” is not recommended. Perhaps thousands of honest seekers were ruined by this doctrine under the fraud “Osho”. Believers in this doctrine have no sympathy for the victim of their sin. For example, that man who went looking at porn supposedly for the purpose of getting sick of it was abusing women in the process. What if I decided to eat human meat until I got sick of it?

    If want to go north, go north. If you want to go south, go south. You don’t get north by going south. This is an ancient Chinese adage that is also a common idiom 南轅北轍 nan2yuan2bei3zhe2. It’s a story of a man with a fancy chariot and powerful horses who is heading south, but intends to head north. An onlooker tells him at a rest stop that he is a fool. We seek virtue by going straight for it. We may not have wonderful horses or a fancy chariot, but we can still head north. We can go north on our hands and knees if we have to.

  3. janoklark says:

    I think the message of Guard Your Eyes is to simply not look at porn in the first place (which is the correct path).

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