Music is Only Communal

One of the most destructive forces in the world today is personal music, individual listening, and private music players – in a word, selfish music.

  • Selfish music encourages anti-social tendencies. Selfish music is made to near perfection in a studio and spoils the ears of the listener. Being spoiled means that the selfish musician cannot and will not play much music on their own or with others, because they perceive everything they do musically to be inferior to this polished, studio product they listen to on a day-to-day basis.
  • It also spoils them against hearing other people participating in real music, because they think others are not up to this false, selfish standard.
  • Selfish music also lacks the timbre of real music. There is nothing in this world that will reproduce live vibrations from real instruments and live singers. How is marveling at good speakers different from wowing over the realism of a fake wood finish or a Chinese counterfeit handbag?

The opposite of this is communal music, real music. Real music is to share music in whatever way you can. You can sing along, clap your hands, make noise on objects, play easy instruments (like guitar, recorder, drums), dance and move your body….

The Shakers had real music. They enjoyed ONLY real music. They created literally a whole library of thousands of songbooks, which also included set dances that all would enjoy together. Real music gets you <b>high</b>, happy, blissful, floating on cloud nine. Enjoying real music proves to you that you are one with your brethren, and strengthens your ties with them.

You only get the real effect that music should have when you experience it in its proper context.

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One Response to Music is Only Communal

  1. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    “One of the most destructive forces in the world today is personal music, individual listening, and private music players – in a word, selfish music.”

    When I read the opening sentence, I thought this blog post would be about the lyrical content of modern music. And the raunchy, distorted background music.

    I guess I agree with the points you made.

    But if a person goes to see a band play live, that doesn’t necessarily mean the music is good for them. There is so much… garbage music out there. Toxic for the mind and soul. Fueled by drugs and narcissism and hedonism. That’s not the case for all music, or even most music. But a lot of popular modern music seems tragically bad, especially for young impressionable listeners.

    It’s very unfortunate that some of the worst, most destructive music reaches millions of people.

    Take care, guys.

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