Salt Of The Earth

13“You are the salt of the earth,(A) but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.

Through guarding ones chastity one maintains ones virtue, ones virtue in the case of males is semen. In the above passage Jesus is referring to loss of semen when he speaks of the salt of the earth losing its taste. Men who spill their semen on the ground are like salt that has lost its taste. The reason for this is that semen is virtue and when men lose their semen they lose their virtue.

Above is a link to a list of people who died early deaths who happened to have been exploited by pornography companies and thus were known as “porn stars”. The above link is an example of people who were “thrown out and trampled  under people’s feet”. And they were also people who spilled their virtue on the ground instead of guarding it through chastity.

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6 Responses to Salt Of The Earth

    • Thats a very interesting article. Are mormons still taking very seriously the law of chastity or have they stopped placing emphasis on that?

      • Michael Asoulin says:

        The leadership of the church and its members still, for the most part, take it very seriously and puts an emphasis on it. The seriousness of remaining chaste is something heavily embedded in the religion. Mormons still generally get married at a very young age and have a lot of children.

      • Michael Asoulin says:

        One weakness of this church is in helping those who already have fallen into sin and are attempting to purify themselves. There are no mantras connected with the church that can help one purify one’s heart and mind, such as the Rosary, which is something I utilize.

      • Having repetitive prayer or mantras can help people feel grounded too. It helps connect one a sense of familiarity. I have heard about changes happening in the mormon church and so maybe someone can introduce some sort of prayer beads into the religion, otherwise using some sort of repetitive prayer from another tradition seems like a logical thing to do. Anglicans recently introduced prayer beads into their tradition within the past couple of decades.

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