The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute is dedicated to exploring consciousness both through inner voyages and out of body experiences. This institute is also concerned with healing the mind. This institute utilizes guided meditation and music to initiate consciousness exploration.

The use of drugs to engage in consciousness exploration is something that is discouraged due to the fact drugs damage the mind.

Human consciousness is evolving, awakening to the discovery of Self. All of us are participants in the evolution of consciousness, the next great leap for humanity. We perceive ourselves to be more than just our physical bodies. We are connected to the universe through nonphysical dimensions and a holographic matrix of timeless information. Life itself is not something physical and death something spiritual. For us, life’s experiences have taken on a new significance. We marvel at the wonder of an emerging perception of reality that has been here waiting for us to realize all along.

The Monroe Institute was mentioned in this post about David Wilcock.

New Age Guru David Wilcock Opposes Masturbation

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