New Age Guru David Wilcock Opposes Masturbation

David Wilcock was advised by his higher self that stopping masturbation was necessary to learning how to astral travel.

Warning: I am not endorsing everything David Wilcock is associated with. David Wilcock is friends with Graham Hancock who has in some cases has endorsed the use of the psychoactive plant ayahuasca and I am firmly against the use of that plant.

Using psychedelic drugs can give people brain damage. It is true that it can give people TEMPORARY spiritual experiences but the path to spiritual experiences that is recommended here is through yoga, buddhism, hinduism, mormonism, or christianity. Or any Native American religion that avoids the use of ingesting psychoactive substances.

David Wilcock received instructions to not masturbate when he was in between waking and sleeping, this state is called the twilight zone. He would send a thought to his higher self in the form of a question and then he would channel a thought from his higher self in the form of an answer.

David Wilcock has done channeling where he channeled spiritual messages about the world that he receives from his higher self.

Below David asks his higher self about astral travel and his higher self advises him to avoid masturbating. A loss of energy via the orgasm is associated with weakening the astral body which is also called the subtle body or the spiritual body.

D: I want to learn the art of astral travel.

Patience! Do you not think that we already have this planned for you? Listen to the voice in the summer.

You might want to visit the Monroe Institute. It’s not an impossible drive, it just looks like it is. It is just tiring.

Also, make sure you keep that head of yours together. There is a resiliency that makes it hard for us to work with you.

Please don’t masturbate or scratch your [acne pimples] for a while. We have no defense against these, and we are working very hard.

Someday, this will be your job, too. You must take lessons.

The Monroe institute is a institute dedicated to investigating out of body travel. Lucid Dreaming is a form of out of body travel.

Transcript from another session.

Fri. 11 / 22 / 96 — 6:20 a.m.

You need to let us know. If [your job] is growing up around you, you need to stop it. What’s wrong with it? You need to explain that to the one in charge.

D: Should I continue not masturbating?

There’s training where you’ve gotta do that, too.

If you look at the other page, you’ll see a shadow burning with light. Time to pull out the plug and decide what you’re going to do now.

D: The karma for me masturbating last night was pretty blatant. Was what I did OK?

[Note: I narrowly avoided getting caught by my housemate that night, when I came home and quickly went up into my loft to use my computer. It was very embarrassing, even though I didn’t get caught.]

The lesson stands fast.

Prior to these two mentionings was this:

[Note: This clearly indicates the need for me to unblock the lower chakras by abstaining from masturbation, a point later made abundantly clear in the transcripts. It is an ongoing and somewhat frustrating demand that the forces make of me.

The website of David Wilcock is:

Wilcock believes all is one and the oneness of all is God who he calls Ra.

A Wilcock discussion forum discussing his being against masturbation:

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7 Responses to New Age Guru David Wilcock Opposes Masturbation

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  2. janoklark says:

    Chastity is the new rebellion. Add chastity to any blog and instant interest grows.

  3. “Wilcock believes all is one and the oneness of all is God who he calls Ra.”

    That is not true. Ra calls itself a 6th density social memory complex, kind of like a higher dimensional being, not god.

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