Is Civilization Much Older Than We Thought?

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7 Responses to Is Civilization Much Older Than We Thought?

  1. Asiatic fathers of America

    Ancient coins found in America that are not supposed to be in America

    Celtic writing found in Utah

    We Nooch Society(Was Ancient America a global hub where visitors from all over the world visited?)

    Mayan Language influenced by Babylonian language

  2. The We Nooch Society is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Historical Sites and Artifacts pertaining to ancient history of North America.

    The Society was named after the Ute Indian word meaning “Ancient”. We work with Universities, Forest Service, BLM, Indian Tribes and all entities with like ambitions to guard and protect our past histories for future and present generations.

    We promote facts that early visitors from far away countries and nations visited the shores of what is now North America, and established colonies and thrived for generations. We promote the fact that Columbus was not the first to visit this great land but did have an impact on the massive influx of Europeans afterwards.

    We promote the fact that our Native Indian Nations did not cross Land Bridges but sailed by ship to this land. We endeavor to prove the existence of superior races of people had great cities and thriving commerce in North America.

    We promote ideas and thoughts for explorations of ancient sites and to study our relationship with those of the past. We do not close our eyes or our minds to what we know to be true!

    We are open to serious discourse and ideas without guile or prejudice. We are here to learn and to teach.

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