Friedrich Nietzche: On Chastity

In Nietzsche’s NOTES (1880-1881) he writes:

“The reabsorption of semen by the blood is the strongest nourishment and, perhaps more than any other factor, it prompts the stimulus of power, the unrest of all forces toward the overcoming of resistances, the thirst for contradiction and resistance. The feeling of power has so far mounted highest in abstinent priests and hermits (for example, amoung the Brahmans).”

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2 Responses to Friedrich Nietzche: On Chastity

  1. Colonel Goober says:

    “And that world of Brahman is reached by those who practice continence [brahmacharya]. For the knower of eternal truth knows it through continence. And what is known as worship [yajna], that also is continence. For a man worships the Lord by continence, and thus attains him.” (Chandogya Upanishad 8:4:3; 8:5:1)

    “What is called salvation is really continence. For through continence man is freed from ignorance. And what is known as the vow of silence, that too is continence. For a man through continence realizes the Self and lives in quiet contemplation.” (Chandogya Upanishad 8:5:2)

    “What people call dwelling in the forest [aranyayanam], that is continence.” This is the first sentence of Chandogya Upanishad 8:5:3.

    “In the world of Brahman there is a lake whose waters are like nectar, and whosoever tastes thereof is straightway drunk with joy; and beside that lake is a tree which yields the juice of immortality. Into this world they cannot enter who do not practice continence. For the world of Brahman belongs to those who practice continence. They alone enter that world and drink from that lake of nectar. For them there is freedom in all the worlds.” (Chandogya Upanishad 8:5:3,4)

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