There are two ideologies at competition with each other in The West. One ideology is the notion of “the brotherhood of man” and the other ideology is based on ethnic identification(it could be referred to as a tribal mentality). The idea of a brotherhood of man could be referred to as a cosmopolitanism.

Where do you stand ideologically speaking?

Within both these ideologies, the ideologies of tribalism and cosmopolitanism, there is both the traditionalist and modernist ways of thinking. Even though one would expect cosmopolitans to be modernists the truth is is that there are cosmopolitans who are traditionalists just as there are tribalists who adopt modernism.

Traditionalism and modernism are two other ideologies at competition with each other as well.

Traditionalists tend to value religion and modernists tend to be secular(the word secular is being used here because some atheists believe in a religion). Traditionalists also tend to oppose homosexuality whereas modernists tend to not be opposed to it.

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4 Responses to Ideologies

  1. janoklark says:

    I just think that race exists. Anyone could join our brotherhood, but there is a very low instance of cross-racial attraction to brotherhoods (as I’ve heard it is in prison and public schools). People of the same race are naturally attracted to each other, understand each other, and have higher rates of productivity together.

    My best friend in Nanjing used to be a Black man and we talked about religion all the time. We were friends like that for four years, until my other friends complained that he had cheated them out of money. I ended up exposing him on the internet until he paid eight people back (though there were more victims). At the end of it all I asked, who was that guy? I thought I knew him very well.

    And in recent years I’ve simply ended up with White guys. I didn’t hang a sign outside my door, “White guys only” – but that’s what I got šŸ˜€

  2. Colonel Goober says:

    Growing up in an ultra-cosmopolitan environment I’ve had friends of various ethnicities. I liked them, for sure. Esp. the Asians, for some reason. I have a fairly good black friend right now, but he is part Asian. He doesn’t act black at all. For all that, though, my very best friends, and most loyal friends too, have always been White Guys. Race is more than a skin-colour (obv.); it is a vibe. The White Vibe is a favourable Letter of Introduction.

    There is enough diversity among Whites already. An Italian is different from an Irish-Scotchman like myself. A French is not completely like a German. An Englishman is different from a Spaniard. There is -a lot- of diversity already.

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