Namo Amitofu

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3 Responses to Namo Amitofu

  1. janoklark says:

    This would be closer to what we hear in temple:

    This melody I recognize – we did it in temple for a year and a half together, and the performance is in a real temple here:

    ***these links are to a Chinese site and there may be ads and/or loading may be slow***

    This is a monk I really like, Hui4lv4 慧律法師 and what it sounds like with him and his disciples chanting Namo Amituofo in temple:

    This is Li3 Na4 李娜, a woman who got into singing Buddhism-themed songs and ended up becoming a nun in Tib3t:

    Finally, this is my favorite version of the chant:

  2. Hauser says:

    What doe’s it stand for ?

    • janoklark says:

      Namo means “Hail,” and “Praised be.”

      Amitabha (or Amituofo in Chinese) is the King of Heaven. He lives in Heaven, which is called The Western World of Bliss (西方極樂世界) in Chinese. If you chant His name constantly you can attain eternal life and live with Him in heaven.

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