The Yoga of Reforeskinization

You lost your foreskin.

You didn’t deserve it; now it’s gone.

You were lusty and sinful in your past life. You’ve cut someone or some animal up. You’ve inflicted torture on someone before. You may have been a Don Juan.

To pay back, you were humiliated, cut and tortured right out of the womb at a very difficult time, a time which is hard to remember later, a time which doesn’t afford you much understanding on how to reverse your lusty ways. You may have grown up, as most cut men, to masturbate more, lust more. You’ve tried getting back at women in your life. In your “sex life,” you’ve been a thruster, a stabber, because that’s all a cut penis can do. You’ve connected stabbing with pleasure, though you don’t know it, and if you did know it, you wouldn’t know why. You’ve been searching for a feeling you can never get.

But you ran to a very difficult time in your life. Maybe rock bottom, or maybe just minor problems. But you realize now that lust is not the way. Before you thought it was OK to be cut or even better to be that way. But now, you’re reading about the pain, humiliation, and after effects of cutting. You start to wish you had your real body, your whole body – the function that women are afforded, but is often stolen from men. You’re now ready to break the vicious cycle of lust and its effects.

So what can you do? Can this cut be undone? Can this history be erased, and your life started anew – away from lust, into chastity, into protection, coverage, and real privacy?


There is a yoga which will help you push along your progress in chastity AND afford you the body you now deserve. The mercy of God is great. You can erase that history, that identity, and that sick feeling of internal organs hanging outside of you and rubbing in your pants as you walk. You can walk feeling covered, safe and confident again.

your reforskinization yoga toolThe most effective reforeskinization yoga method I have heard of is the PUD. It is a metal weight with a hole for urine that you can tape to your shaft skin with hockey tape (which is also called sports tape).

You can buy a PUD and the tape online. It is real stretching to wear it. It is no different than stretching out the legs every day for two or three years until you do the splits. It is not comfortable, especially at first. It is not easy, as most men fail at it. But even succeeding part way will give you natural motility and a much greater sense of comfort for walking. You realize your erections before were painful, but now they are an easy, nocturnal process (for oxygenation) which does not bother you. If you succeed, you wonder how you ever lived before.

It’s like studying a language, when you study how to read and write as well as speak and listen. Without one aspect, it’s hard for the other aspect to work. Yes your physical body is not the primary issue. You’ve come this far because spiritually you’re done with lust. However, to really progress in eradicating your desires and get further in your chaste life, it helps a lot to have the physical side improving and recovering as well – a side which bolsters your spiritual progress and molds your future being.

[thanks to the many men who have given me the personal details necessary to make this post and possibly be of help to other men with similar aspirations.]

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8 Responses to The Yoga of Reforeskinization

  1. So basically the way it works is you put the weight on and when it is on you you but tape around it so that half the tape is on the weight and half the tape is touching ones shaft skin. How far up is the thing placed, meaning where would the shaft skin be touching the tape? And is there any alternatives to a PUD in case for any reason a PUD is not accessible?
    I found a link that talks ab0ut the PUD
    It says PUD stands for: penile uncircumcising device

  2. Hauser says:

    What about the saints that where cut or even Jesus? And what about the argument that circ reduces wanking?

    • None of the hindu saints(celibates) are circumcised, they are able to stop themselves from wanking without being circumcised. The jewish sage Maimonides made the argument that circumcision reduces wanking. However educating people, both circumcised and uncircumcised people, about the dangers of wanking reduces wanking. The belief of Maimonides that circumcision reduces wanking doesn’t seem to be true, it seems it is an idea he developed in order to try to make circumcision seem like a desirable thing due to the fact many jews were circumcised. Many many circumcised people are wankers. Some saints are circumcised and some are not circumcised. So basically what I am saying is that both circumcised people and uncircumcised people can stop themselves from wanking and both can be celibate.

      • janoklark says:

        This is true, however molestation victims are in a much tougher position to become celibate. Both cut and intact men can become celibate, but it is certainly more likely that an intact man will do so, as opposed to someone who has been sexually traumatized in infancy.

  3. janoklark says:

    Circ increases wanking for several reasons:

    1. It establishes perversion through humiliation and torture, several-fold worse in effect than the rape and molestation of young kids
    2. It establishes unnatural personality traits which are the effect of PTSD
    3. It removes all sexual nerve endings (called Meisner’s Corpuscles) in the area, which thus remove any possibility of getting a normal feeling there. If you can’t get the feeling, you very likely may vigorously and continuously keep looking for that feeling (which involves a lot of wanking and sinning).

    To put it another way, circ’ed men are damaged goods even more than Jenna Jameson, who very often go around in life looking for a feeling they will never get.


    1. Jews. Jews are infamous for their hyper sexuality, and all Jewish men are cut.
    2. Read below:
    A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found…that circumcised men were more likely to engage in various sexual practices. Specifically, circumcised men were significantly more likely to masturbate and to participate in heterosexual oral sex than uncircumcised men. [3]

  4. janoklark says:

    For more information concerning the reality of genital mutilation and how it may have effected you, see the following KBH resources:

  5. janoklark says:

    I don’t believe Christ was cut, and that the messages in the current Bibles saying that He was, are interpolations and corruptions in the text. There are also parts of the Bible where Christ and Paul say that circumcision is of the heart and not of the flesh, i.e., we should try to be chaste, not try to mutilate our bodies/remove our sex organs.

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