The ancient stone age people believed that semen was marrow. Like the marrow of bones. They believed that the brain too was marrow because it was inside a round bone called the skull just as marrow is in the thiner bones of the legs and fingers and so on.

These people believed that when a man ejaculates that he is losing marrow. They believed that when a person ejaculates marrow from the skull (the marrow of the skull is the brain) would travel down the spine and be spilled out on the ground. Hence they believed that semen was pieces of ones brain that had been spilled on the ground.

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  1. janoklark says:

    Even freakier is that whatever we think we should find in the body, we will find. In the Middle Ages they saw bile and different organs in the body. Ppl today excuse this with, oh they never opened the body to look, so they didn’t know. I think they had a different idea of what they should find, so they found what they were expecting. Here with the marrow theory, I’d bet if we believed it completely (and on a social level as well) we’d find the body to be that way completely, as opposed to being an analogy.

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