Sin And Disease

The Bible contains the idea that when an individual sins that that individual incurs disease upon themself. This idea is found in the new testament.

The Bible also contains the notion that when the people of a nation are sinning that that nations as a whole becomes diseased and either conquered in some way or sold into slavery. This idea is found in the old testament.

What is interesting about these notions is that responsibility for a nations bad state falls upon the nation as a whole as opposed to any oppressors. Also the responsibility for the disease is placed on the individual who has incurred the disease.

In The Biblical worldview the way to help a nation is to instruct that nation not to sin. The way to help a person is to instruct them not to sin.

One of the primary sins is being unchaste.

Hospitals in mainstream western medicine are like prisons however in traditional medicine there is a different approach to health:

The roots of healing and medicine in ancient Greece lie in religion and spirituality. Asclepius, the Divine Physician…

Healing sanctuaries called Asclepions, dedicated to the god of medicine, were established throughout Greece, usually in settings of awe-inspiring natural beauty and scenic grandeur.

The preliminary treatment for admission into the Asclepions was Katharsis, or purification. It consisted of a series of cleansing baths and purgations, accompanied by a cleansing diet, which lasted several days.

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One Response to Sin And Disease

  1. janoklark says:

    What sinners principally believe causes disease is viruses and bacteria. What I’ve found through lots of research is that viri themselves may not exist in fresh blood and may not even materially be related to getting sick. But all sickness is spiritual anyway, and I’ve decided I don’t need to research so much on the various problems with the myriad virus theories running about (pig flu, bird flu, mad cow, SARS, HIV etc.)

    At the very least we could start to admit that disease is caused by environmental and personal factors (instead of randomly attacking “viri”).

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