Rabbi Nachman On Continence

When one does not guard the Bris, this results from his haughtiness. It is as if he makes himself into a deity, for he shows that he is not satisfied with the holiness of G-D. He therefore flaws the divine name SHKY, for this name represents that one should be content with holiness. When a person does guard the Bris, he merits a light that will guide him in the path of Teshuva (repentants).
[Likutay 1 Torah 11]

One who is not Shomer Hbris damages the 39 divine lights. He draws upon himself the load of earning a living, which are the 39 labors. This is taught in the Zohar, “One who throws bread crumbs on the floor is chased by poverty, certainly this happens to one who threw down crumbs of his brain.”
[Likutay 1 Torah 11]

There is an evil that includes the evil of all seventy nations; this is the burning fire of Niuf.
[Likutay 1 Torah 19]

Through the use of the holy language one can contain and control the desire for Niuf.
[Likutay 1 Torah 19]

Earning a living without effort is the concept of ‘Bread from heaven’ it is possible to receive this through the general rectification which is Tikun Hbris.
[Likutay 1 Torah 29]

When earning money comes only through hard tedious work, it is only because he did not fully rectify the Bris. “One who throws bread crumbs on the floor is chased by poverty, certainly this happens to one who threw down crumbs of his brain.”
[Likutay 1 Torah 29]

*Niuf is lust, gaurding the bris is continence, shomer hbris is continence, tikun habris is continence.




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7 Responses to Rabbi Nachman On Continence

  1. Was the snake who tempted Eve actually the male genitalia of Adam?

  2. janoklark says:

    “Bris” is razor raping babies. A “Jew” is a member of a global criminal network that is responsible for the world wars, the Iraq war, the bombing of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, the global banking cartel, “blood diamonds”, the abortion industry/Planned Parenthood, Dov Zakheim and the 911 attacks, and Phillip Morris/most western tobacco, Seagrams/most western liquor, ecstasy, gay rights….

    • Bris does technically mean that but I guess they have decided to use the term tikun habris and shomer bris to refer to being chaste. I do agree though that it would be better to use a totally separate term because a Bris does refer technically to the circumcision and whether one maintains chastity has nothing to do with whether or not one is circumcised.

  3. janoklark says:

    Not to say that it isn’t a good thing to bring out the positive aspects of Jewish tradition and hope that more Jews follow them.

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