To chastise is to criticise someones behavior with the aim of correcting that behavior. A synonym for the word chastise that shares the same root word is the word chasten, both are used to mean the same thing.

It is interesting that both words contain the word chaste which means to have sexual continence. The word chaste is derived from the word castus, a latin word which means pure. Purity is another term for chastity, often one hears of women guarding their purity.

The word castus means pure, it also means “to be cut off from, separated from”. To not be having intercourse with members of society. The word castus is the root word for the word that developed called caste. Caste means race and it was used to describe peoples lineages. Royal people were seen as being of another caste than commoners.

Also the idea of caste was used in latin America to describe different blood mixtures. The mestizo caste was a race of people who were mixed between amerindian and white.

It is also interesting to note that ones lineage is referred to as blood and the act of sex is to mix blood, the orgasm is a form of bleeding.

Other caste designations include octaroon and quadroon. Octaroon means an eighth black and the rest white and quadroon means a fourth black the rest white. Both these terms are anglo renditions of spanish terms.

Caste and chaste are similar yet markedly different. To be chaste means to not bleed sexually. A caste is a group that mixes blood(has sex) with each other but a group that does not bleed into other groups of people. Viewed as a single organism a caste would be chaste because it would not be bleeding into other social groupings. However that is not to say that members of a caste never join other castes or work to form new castes through intermarriages.

Another word for caste is the word clan.

People who promote sexual continence are thus trying to chasten society.

Money is sometimes likened to “lifeblood”. It is no accident that as people become more sexually promiscuous and become wankers not only are the bleeding sexually but society collectively has been hemorrhaging its wealth. The term wanker means one who masturbates and it also means stupid person.

Relating chastity to the garden of Eden and viewing eating from the tree of knowledge as a metaphor for sex(“to know” is used to mean to have sex with in The Bible) one can also link a loss of chastity to deforestation. A loss of natural environment is a loss of wealth too. The deforestation aspect is in the expulsion from the garden of Eden.

As society has become wankers all sorts of economic problems have occurred. Economic crashes and major thefts of money from the population by wall street has occurred.

Clan is a gaelic word that means tribe or caste. Clan is derived from the latin word planta, gaelic has no “p” sound so they used a “k” sound instead. Planta means offshoot, as in the way a branch offshoots from a tree. In middle welsh the word “plant” means children.

The idea of people being like branches of a tree in that they are offshoots is related to the idea of a family tree. Then one can look at the notion of yggdrasil which is the norse idea of a world tree. The world tree is a mystical tree that connects the various different worlds in the world, on the earth.

If one takes the native American saying “mitakuye oyasin” as fact(the idea that we are all related) then one could view the world tree as being the way in which various lineages form in the population and are structured. The world tree would obviously not only apply to humans but would include other creatures as well.

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  1. Colonel Goober says:

    Fantastic article.

  2. janoklark says:

    The attached picture is fascinating.

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