The Curious Case Of Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid is an American actor living as a refugee in Canada. He fled for his life to avoid the clutches of what he described as “hollywood star whackers”; a criminal network of businessmen and lawyers who were alleged to have killed a variety of actors, including Heath Ledger the star of a recent Batman movie.

Actor Randy Quaid has accused a small network of Hollywood lawyers and business managers, who once worked for him, of conspiring to steal from him by sabotaging his credibility and career, orchestrating false arrests and plotting to have him killed.

The above link takes you to an article with a video of Randy Quaid speaking on the subject.

In Hollywood there is also a culture of drugs, it is possible that this culture of drugs is encouraged in the hopes the actors will die so that various lawyers and bussinessmen can get the royalties of those actors.

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, claim their former lawyer and estate planner created a fake living trust in their name, stole their money and disqualified future lawyers from acting on their behalf.
Quaid claims he and his wife bought a house in Montecito, Calif., in 1989 for $1.35 million. Quaid says he handed the details of the transaction off to his business manager, Warren Grant and his lawyer, Lloyd Braun, who is not listed as a defendant.
The next day, Quaid claims Braun and his wife, Lauren, attached their names to the deal’s escrow account.
That got Braun access to Quaid’s assets through a “pooled loan,” allowing Braun to use Quaid’s home equity for his own real estate deals without Quaid’s knowledge, according to the complaint.

The above talks about an instance prior to Quaid fleeing to Canada where he talks of hi ex-lawyer and his wife swindling him of his property and assets.

Randy Quaid has had a long and illustrious career in Hollywood and was in such movies as: Midnight Express, Hard Rain, and Independence Day.

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