“My Lethal Weapon’s my mind!” -Ice-T

Excalibur is the name of the sword the legendary King Arthur needed to possess in order to claim dominion over the land of Britain. Excalibur is symbolic of the mind of a chaste person because the sword is a symbol for having a sharp wit and chastity is something that sharpens the wit. Swords are also a symbolic of cutting through confusion.

Excalibur was granted to King Arthur by The Lady of The Lake, a hand came out of the water of a lake and gave Arthur the sword. This is reminiscent of the notion that a king is married to the land, the hand extending from the lake demonstrates the intimate connection between arthur and the land. The notion that a monarch was married to the land was part of the tradition of the high kings of Ireland. One of the most important functions of those kings was to avoid taboo behavior and to engage in prescribed behavior to be an example of moral behavior to the people.

In irish mythology is contained the notion that when the land is without a mate the land becomes barren and desolate. The mate of the land is a king and when there is a king, someone who is married to the land, the land is healed and filled with vegetation thus enriching the realm. The king was viewed as performing a sacred function thus the king was a sort of priest-king.

Currently in present day Ireland there is hostility to the idea of monarchy though due to the influence of the ideas of the french revolution on Ireland, for those who are unfamiliar the french revolution deposed the monarchs of France.

During the french revolution the heads of the monarchs of France were cut off by a guillotine. Indeed so was the head of french society decapitated from the body of french society. The same ideas that inspired the french revolution inspired the american war for independence, in fact it would be inaccurate to call the american war for independence a revolution because it only would have been a revolution if King George had been deposed as king.

The unleashing of democracy on the world has ravaged the earth, as America spreads democracy throughout the world so does the earths forests vanish.

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  1. In the Grail legend there is a king whose land is barren and desolate due to a wound in his groin area. Some have interpreted this wound as being unchastity.

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