Restore The Dignity Of The American Woman

The people of America have incurred shame upon themselves for allowing a situation to exist where the women of the nation are leered at on a day to day basis in advertisements that qualify as soft core pornography.

Our mothers, daughters, and sisters have been stripped of their dignity. The degradation of women is the degradation of a nation.

In addition to sexual exploitation via advertising women are sexually exploited in pornography itself. Many would be surprised to learn that in many nations pornography is outlawed, one example is the nation of Belarus in Eastern Europe.

Pornography and immodest advertising ought be made illegal.

The women of America have become little more than sex objects. They are not treated as intellectual beings. This situation is as a gaping wound in our nation and a source of great shame.

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5 Responses to Restore The Dignity Of The American Woman


    Jewish website on avoiding pornography addiction.

  2. Women in America dress with no dignity. Please women stop wearing pants that show me the exact curvature of your bum. Do you really want to be viewed as a soulless sex object?

    • janoklark says:

      Yes tight jeans are annoying, and they seem to have spread around the world.

      The word jeans comes from Genova, the Italian city where workers started wearing denim pants. Jeans should be for men who are doing manual labor. The current styles of jeans are very thin and tight (useless for work).

  3. Modesty in dress applied to both men and women but the worst offenders are women. Modesty of speech is also important. Cussing is a sign one has a poor vocabulary and is a form of self degradation.

  4. Elijah says:

    i agree that women have been downgraded to mere objects of lust. i also agree that women should refrain from dressing in too revealing of clothing. as far as pants go, they should be neither too tight nor too loose. i think certain white men wearing too tight of pants has contributed to low white birth rates globally. i don;t understand how those tobacco chewing rednecks can wear such tight jeans that crush their manhood and gonads and still remain comfortable.

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