Reflections On Death By Stoning

The act of someone being stoned to death consists of a community of people picking up rocks and pelting a person with it until they die. This has been documented as happening in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and South America. There are records of Aztecs using it as a form of punishment. Stoning is not a form of punishment I endorse, I am against stoning. I endorse lengthy prison sentences for people who commit crimes.

However the situation of someone being stoned to death is an intriguing one. What is interesting about it is that the whole community does it as a community. It implies that the people who do it exist as a community and view themselves as a people. Furthermore they view that the person being stoned to death has done something that could be harmful to them.

The Aztecs would stone homosexuals to death because they did not view homosexuality as a private sin that didn’t affect anyone, they viewed it as a condition that poisoned the entire community. Homosexuality does poison communities, however I do not support stoning to death of homosexuals. I do support long prison sentences for homosexuality.

There is no such thing as a private sin that only affects the sinner. All sins affect the entire community. This is why not only the sale of pornography should be outlawed but so should the possession of pornography.

In reality we do not have a choice between individualism and collectivism. Collectivism is a reality regardless of the laws. People live in a community and exist as a community. What one does in private affects the community, if people sin those sins hurt the entire community. If someone looks at pornography not only are they harming themselves, they are harming the entire community.

The individualistic philosophy is something which criminals(sinners) use in order to make their condition of sinning seem moral. For example people that like to wank to pornography will talk about how to them looking at pornography is just their personal choice and that others do not have a right to be judgmental of the preferences they as an individual have. However them looking at pornography is not an individual matter, by committing the crime(sin) of looking at pornography they are hurting their community!

And so the ideology of individualism cannot destroy the reality that society exists as a collective. What individualism does do though is it makes it so that being critical of sin is seen as a morally wrong thing to do, it makes being judgmental seem bad. Furthermore individualism makes it so that the sinner is morally just because the sin is seen as being an expression of individuality and the individual(the ego) is held as sacrosanct.

Sins are destructive to the entire community, they are not merely matters of personal preference. Individualism is an accomplice to sin because individualism makes the sinner seem just and it makes the moral person seem unjust. A social act similar to stoning but less cruel than stoning is the act of shunning. Shunning is something done by the Amish people. I am not sure how I feel about shunning, it seems fairly cruel to me. I’m not sure if I ever support it being done but if it is done I really think they should be very sure that the person they are shunning is chronically immoral and incorrigible.

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5 Responses to Reflections On Death By Stoning

  1. It’s important to note the difference between individual rights and individualism. Laws that allow for individual rights exist in the legal sphere and individualism is a philosophy that exists in the cultural sphere.

    Opposition to individualism does not imply opposition to individual rights. As far as the issue of individual rights is concerned I am neutral with regards to that, I am indifferent.

    I am opposed to the culture of individualism though. One of the accomplices to criminals who promoted the propaganda of individualism was a man by the name of Ralph Waldo Emerson. He definitely did not have a good impact on American society.

  2. Hauser says:

    How can something that is done behind closed doors in the home be bad to other people and the community when no one else is there to watch it? Do you mean that two homo’s acting out their perversion’s would subverse society in more indirect ways?

    • Sin is like a disease. It spreads. When people involve themselves with sin they work on creating a culture of sin and invite others to participate in it.

      Excuse the crude language in this pdf but this pdf cites statistics that demonstrate that homosexuals have higher rates of drug abuse and reckless behavior then heterosexuals:

      Ultimately homosexuals recruit the youth of a community by pretending that being homosexual is a never-ending fun party(gay parades). The result is that people in a community are recruited into the lifestyle. Homosexuality is a miserable lifestyle. Ultimately they are spreading their own misery through society. They have higher rates of aids.

      In the case of looking at pornography that is harmful to society because it influences the way in which a man perceives women and it causes men to do subtle things when in casual interactions with women that deprive women of dignity. Pornography also encourages wanking which is harmful.

      Any thing done that causes self-harm ultimately harms the community because each member of a community is like a cell in the body. If a portion of the body is hurt then the whole body suffers because of it. Both homosexuality and wanking are self-harm.

  3. Hauser says:

    I guess you are taking the holistic/long-term perspective on sin. In a more limited perspective there surely is no direct effect on “the whole” when one person “in isolation” commits adultery.

  4. Adam McEwan says:

    I also believe sin has a comsic dimension. Sin affects the very fabric of Creation negatively. Sin mystically brings negative persons and circumstances into one’s life.

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