The Masturbation Industry

The same American national government that censors, everywhere, all public Christian education, art and expression (a voluntary prayer in a public school; a manger scene in front of a town hall; a cross in a public park; a picture of our Savior hanging in the local library; the Ten Commandments displayed on a judge’s courtroom wall; a cross as part of the design in a state’s official seal) protects and defends flat out pornography, wherever it may be found, as Constitutionally protected speech and expression. Our government, which may be seen to suppress Constitutionally protected open expressions of Christianity, protects and thereby promotes masturbation.

Most communist political parties and socialist parties  do not  oppose religion. Cuba is communist and they have functioning church’s for instance. And here is a quote from Communist Party USA website:

Communists are not against religion. We are against capitalism. In fact, the Party has its own Religion Commission which seeks to build positive relations with religious people and communities in the struggle to make life better for working people. Most religious people believe in justice, peace, and respectful relations among the peoples of the world, and many are motivated by their faith to work for those goals.

Membership in the Communist Party is open to all who agree with our program, regardless of religious beliefs.

It is the capitalist governments which are promoting prostitution and pornography.

The masturbation industry is bad, the term wanker is an insult for a reason.

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One Response to The Masturbation Industry

  1. janoklark says:

    China is largely friendly to religion, though all religions must work within the framework of the “big four”: Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and Islam. Anything outside of this is not permitted. Religion as of late has been encouraged here as a way of making money and providing more tourism to towns and distant locales. Chinese have much to learn about religion and are working hard to fill in the gaps of their understanding. There are more and more religious people every year in China, though the state is still atheist.

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