Sexual Morality In The Aztec Empire And Among Incas

In the previous series of posts sexual morality was explored in  the context of a socialist society. Sexual morality was not only valued in some communist countries; it was also valued in monarchies, theocratic governments and tribal societies.

An example of a government that viewed sexual morality favorably was the aztec empire.

Below is an article by a Mexican nationalist organization in America who is dedicated to fighting for the creation of a state in America called Aztlan:

We would like to dispel the notion that “Los Aztecas” viewed homosexuality with kindness.

The promotion of the homosexual lifestyle is in fact being promoted by our enemies in order to destroy our culture.

One reason we as Mexicans are winning the demographic war in Aztlan is because “white feminists” have been able to emasculate their white men. We must not let this same thing happen to many of our youths who are in their development stage. Presently, the enemy has incarcerated many of our youths who exhibit normal heterosexual behaviors, on trumped-up charges, while at the same time they have purposedly recruited many “effeminate types” as students for the USA colleges and universities.

….She describes how the various indigenous groups in Mexico viewed “lesbianism” and “homosexuality” and how they “punished” their practices. The actual research is at: La Ley Azteca.


Translated from the spanish by Google Translate:

Cages and enclosures were used to confine prisoners before trial or sacrifice, of course, such cages and enclosures served the function of what we call preventive detention.

– Theft, punishable by slavery, until they make restitution of the stolen, or a fine of twice the amount stolen (part of the victim and one for the treasure of the clan).

– The highway robbery, death penalty, The pilfering in the market, instant death penalty by stoning

– Theft of corn, when growing in the field, the death penalty – or slavery

– Theft of gold, silver, jade, death penalty

– The killing, even of a slave, death penalty

– Intemperance (defect which knows no moderate their appetites), social disapproval, discredit and even death by stoning and beatings,

– Slander, cut lips, and sometimes also the ears,

– Incest, death by hanging

– Sodomy, death by hanging

– Homosexuality, impalement for active subject extraction from the womb, through the anal opening to the taxpayer

– Lesbian, death by garrote,

Aztec law was brutal, at its best, from childhood the individual must observe proper social conduct, if he violated the law suffer the consequences…

Often these criminals were executed and offered as sacrifice to the gods, only criminals were sacrificed in this way in Aztec society.

The priests in the aztec society were celibate.

It also demanded that all priests remain celibate and did not allow intoxication of any kind (representing the two major sins to which the original 400 Mixcohua succumbed). These edicts and his personal purity of spirit caused Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl to be beloved by his vassals and revered for generations

The Inca’s were encouraged to follow three codes of behavior:

“Ama suwa, ama llulla, ama qhella”: do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy. -Quechua saying

The Inca religion headquarters was in Cusco with estimate 6000 priest spread all over the kingdom. The Huillac Uma or supreme priest, equivalent of the pope of our days, was a respected wise man. He was the brother of the Inca king or a close relative.He keeps constant celibacy

In Incan culture there were also a group of women known as “chosen  women” who would live in a monastery under a vow of chastity. The leader of these women was a high priestess known as the Coya Pasca and seen as a consort of the sun God.


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