The Environment And The Soul

We are all still human beings. Some of us have buried our humanity deep inside, or medicated or anesthetized it, but every person alive today, tribal or modern, primal or domesticated, has a soul that is original, natural, and, above all, indigenous in one way or another. The indigenous soul of the modern person, though, either has been banished to the far reaches of the dream world or is under direct attack by the modern mind. The more you consciously remember your indigenous soul, the more you physically remember it.

Every individual in the world, regardless of cultural background or race, has an indigenous soul struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile environment created by that individual’s mind. A modern person’s body has become a battleground between the rationalist mind — which subscribes to the values of the machine age — and the native soul. This battle is the cause of a great deal of spiritual and physical illness.

Over the last several centuries, a heartless, culture-crushing mentality has enforced its so-called progress on the earth, devouring all peoples, nature, imagination, and spiritual knowledge. Like a bulldozer, it has left a flat, homogenized streak of civilization in its wake. Every human on this earth, whether from Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Americas, has ancestors whose stories, rituals, ingenuity, language, and life ways were taken away, enslaved, banned, exploited, twisted, or destroyed by this mentality. What is indigenous — in other words, natural, subtle, hard to explain, generous, gradual, and village oriented — in each of us has been banished to the ghettos of our heart, or hidden away from view on reservations inside the spiritual landscape. We’re taught to believe that our thoughts are actually the center of our life. Like the conquering, modern culture we belong to, we understand the world only with the mind, not with the indigenous soul.

The above quote is by Martin Prechtel. He makes a clear connection between the loss of the natural environment and being cut off from ones “indigenous soul”.

Martin Prechtel’s site:

This is one reason why it makes sense to put the welfare of the earth first, the fact that destroying the environment destroys part of our own souls. There is an organization called earth first dedicated to this, dedicated to preserving the environment. The deep ecology movement believes that the environment should be preserved for its own benefit without their being a selfish human motivation.

Earth First is a respectable environmental movement however they are not opposed to immigration, ending immigration is a very important part of environmental preservation.

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4 Responses to The Environment And The Soul

  1. The same government that is destroying the indigenous soul of the world through destroying the environment for the sake of capitalism is still persecuting its own indigenous people. This is a documentary on the Leonard Peltier story called Incident At Oglala. Free Leonard Peltier!

  2. Capitalism is based on encouraging greater demand for consumer products so that businesses can sell more products and thus make more money $$$. Capitalism not only puts profits ahead of people, capitalism puts profits ahead of the earth.

    If one wants to put the earth first one should realize that the system that is less of a burden on the earth than capitalism is the system of communism. The way to fight for the rights of the environment is to promote communism as an ideology.

    Since capitalism is international the only way for one to implement communism would be to do so on an international level and so communists have no choice but to be internationalists.

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