Democracy Now Special On The Egyptian Revolution

Above is the link to the video of the radio program they did on it.

Democracy Now is a left wing American news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

Below is an excerpt from a post by Robert Lindsay analyzing the Egyptian revolution.

Who is the world’s richest man?

Bill Gates at $54 billion?

Carlos Slim at $58 billion?


Try Hosni Mubarak at $70 billion.

Both Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt were insanely corrupt, even by Arab standards. At the end of the day, this outraged even the middle classes, and when the middle classes revolt against your regime, you’re done. The poor and low income can revolt all the want. No want cares about them, and they’re all scum anyway. It’s only the middle and upper classes who are human.

Middle class revolts bring down regimes. Period.

Chile, 1973. Taiwan, 1990. Eastern Europe, 1989. Nicaragua, 1979. Philippines, 1986. Cuba 1959.

The middle classes are no good. All they care about is money. Their definition of the word justice is awfully limited. But they don’t particularly like to be shamelessly stolen from and left impoverished. This is what the middle class revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Nicaragua, Cuba and the Philippines were all about. You can only steal from the middle class for so long and impoverish them for so long.

The middle class ignores this, unless it gets out of hand. What the middle class really hates is the working class, the low income and the poor. These are their deadly enemies. There will be no quarter against the scum poor. The rich say to the middle class, “Come! Join us in our war against the poor! You can be rich too! You are rich just like us! Sort of.”

Robert Lindsay is a left wing blogger who supports communism. He also supports multiculturalism and racial integration but he is a race realist(meaning he recognizes racial differences).

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