Anti-gay Sentiment In The Caribbean

“Yu nuh si seh dem waa mash up di place an gi wi bad name, me haffi protect my yute dem from dem type a influence deh,” one resident said…

The above quote is spoken by a Jamaican man and roughly translates to: “You know… see… them want to ruin this place and give it a bad name, I have to protect the youth from that type of influence”. This Jamaican man is talking about how homosexuals bring shame to a community and that homosexuals have a tendency to be pederasts and molest young boys.

It’s interesting that a Jamaican who is somewhat rural and not “advanced” can see something that many so called “advanced” people in the west can’t see. The above quote is taken from the article that is linked to. That site that published the article is advocating a boycott of Jamaica due to its treatment of gay people. And to be clear I do condemn any violence against gay people. And if that is happening in Jamaica I condemn it. However I do support laws that criminalize homosexuality and provide long jail terms for homosexuals. I do not support execution as a punishment for homosexuality though.

Jamaica is currently very anti-gay and its anti-gay sentiment is expressed in its reggae music. Unfortunately much of the reggae music does promote the use of marijuana which is a social evil. Although despite that there is a holiness to reggae music due to the homophobia of Jamaicans.

Other instances of homophobia in The Caribbean have been documented in Cuba in the recent history of Cuba. Unfortunately homosexuality is currently legal in Cuba but this has not always been so.

After the communist revolution in Cuba Fidel Castro started putting homosexuals in jail because he considered homosexuals to be a product of a capitalist society. Homosexuality was seen as bourgeois decadence and homosexuals were seen as agents of imperialism. Some quotes from Fidel:

In reference to his admiration for the rural communities:

“…in the country, there are no homosexuals”.

Homosexuality Incompatible:

“We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that would enable us to consider him a true Revolutionary, a true Communist militant. A deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant Communist must be”.

Allegations have been made that homosexuals under Castro were rounded up without trial. If that is the case I do not support that. I do however support orderly prosecution based on evidence with a fair trial.

Below is part one of a documentary about the the homophobic nature of the Castro regime:

Prior to Fidel Castro the situation in Cuba was such that it was basically a place for American homosexuals to go to and purchase young boys to molest. Americans would also go there and visit female prostitutes and gamble. When Castro came to power he put a stop to much of the corruption and Cuba became a dignified country.

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