Why Is Russia Different?

Russia is often contrasted with Western Europe. Russia is portrayed as backwards while western Europe is portrayed as enlightened. Russia is also seen as one of the few Western nations that are resisting the forces of globalization. If this is true then maybe it is due to the backwards nature of the Russian people, but where does this backwardness come from? Russia was once ruled by The Mongols. It very well may be that backwardness in Russian society is related to their resistance to globalization in the same way that in judaism the various quirkiness’s in the religion itself helps for jewish people to resist assimilation into the cultures of the societies in which they live.

The russians believed that the mongols had invaded and conquered Russia as punishment for their sins.

Some people speculate that Russia may have adopted certain elements of Oriental despotism in their culture and that is why they have a history of strong leaders. People have even gone so far as to describe Russia as asiatic in terms of its political styles. This is an interesting speculation because if there is any truth to it then maybe there can be some sort of link between the popularity of marxism in asian countries and the fact that marxism that dominated Russia for a time.

If anyone has any ideas or information about the mongol rule of Russia they are invited to share it in the comments section.

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9 Responses to Why Is Russia Different?

  1. “There is a point of view, much propagated by Lev Gumilev, that the Horde and Russian polities entered into a defensive alliance against the Teutonic knights and pagan Lithuanians. Proponents point to the fact that the Mongol court was frequented by Russian princes, notably Yaroslavl’s Feodor the Black, who boasted his own ulus near Sarai, and Novgorod’s Alexander Nevsky, the sworn brother of Batu’s successor Sartaq Khan. A Mongol contingent supported the Novgorodians in the Battle of the Ice and Novgorodians paid taxes to the Horde.”

  2. Rastus says:

    Wow, you boys done made a good sight here.

  3. janoklark says:

    Lenin’s real last name was Davidovich. His first law after getting into office was to make strict penalties against anti-semitism. It was estimated that around 80% his cabinet was Jewish. Today the “oligarchs” are all Jewish, and they run another branch of Jewish globalism which now somewhat competes with the old monarchist Jews (the Rothschilds). For example, before the breakup of the Soviet Union, there was only one diamond company in the world, De Beers (Oppenheimer). Now perhaps half of the major diamonds in the world are sold by Lev Leviev, a Russian Jew. Power has shifted within the Jews.

    Russian society is very corrupt. On the one hand, there’s the oligarchs and all these scams. There are spies everywhere, and they are good at being spies and not revealing their identity. Life is a constant crime puzzle and maze of intrigue. Many basic public services do not function. Crime is pretty high and there are gangs. Alcoholism is rampant and breaks up whatever families still exist. Many Russian men knock up women and desert them, so the nation is filled with single mothers. br. Vilĉjo is a linguist and loves the Russian language, but I don’t. I think it is mostly curse words and lowbrow humour/machismo.

    I like whatever real machismo is in Russia. I like how there is a passion in the people to learn art and to get further intellectually. They love ideas. But in the end the three friends I know who lived there as expats for years and years all say, “It’s garbage. I hate that country.” Ah well.

    • http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2810/2810-h/2810-h.htm#2HCH0019 This is that link you showed me of the guy who criticizes alcohol

    • Adam McEwan says:

      “br. Vilĉjo is a linguist and loves the Russian language, but I don’t. I think it is mostly curse words and lowbrow humour/machismo.”

      Do you mean it -sound like- mostly curse words and lowbrow humour?

      I find the architecture fantastic (fantasy-astic). Straight out of a fairy tale. They also are home to perhaps the only manly version of Christianity left on the planet: Russian Orthodoxy. I have an Orthodox icon I am quite fond of.

      Russian seems like a wild place, though. Like the Wild West (or rather the Wild East) of Europe. Wouldn’t want to live there. Too post-apokolyptic.

      I feel compelled to escape the English-speaking world. It’s one of my goals in the next half-decade. Since I live in Ontario presently Quebec would be easiest, but perhaps France or La Suisse. The English speaking world, for whatever reason, seems by far the most dominated by feminist, Zionist, multikultural memes.

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