Oh Stop And Tell Me Red Man

In the previous post it was mentioned that Russia’s conquest by the mongols was interpreted as being God punishing the Russians for their sins. Many mormon thinkers considered the conquest of America by Europeans was Native Americans being punished for their sins, evidence of that is in this old mormon hymn.

Oh Stop And Tell Me Red Man

a mormon hymn

1. O stop and tell me Red Man, Who are ye? why you roam? And how you get your living? Have you no God;—no home?

2. With stature straight and portly, And deck’d in native pride, With feathers, paints and broaches, He willingly replied:—

3. “I once was pleasant Ephraim, “When Jacob for me pray’d; “But oh! how blessings vanish, “When man from God has stray’d!

4. “Before your nation knew us, “Some thousand moons ago, “Our fathers fell in darkness, “And wander’d to and fro.

5. “And long they’ve liv’d by hunting, “Instead of work and arts, “And so our race has dwindled “To idle Indian hearts.

6. “Yet hope within us lingers, “As if the Spirit spoke:— `He’ll come for your redemption, `And break your Gentile* yoke:

7. `And all your captive brothers, `From every clime shall come, `And quit their savage customs, `To live with God at home.

8. “Then joy will fill our bosoms, “And blessings crown our days, “To live in pure religion, “And sing our Maker’s praise.”

-In making known this concept, the concept that nations experience weakness and conquest due to sins, I am not justifying imperialism and conquest.

*In mormon theology gentile means non-mormon, also mormons considered native americans to be an ancient israeli tribe(thus non-gentile) and so the word gentile in this hymn probably refers to people who are not native american and people who are not mormon. This hymn was written in the 1800’s.


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3 Responses to Oh Stop And Tell Me Red Man

  1. janoklark says:

    It’s also been claimed that native americans have a 1/3 blood relation to Mongolians/Chinese. I think most of them had fallen into sin and no tribe I can think of was particularly enlightened, except maybe the Hopis.

    I do wish the US would construct memorials to the native americans and calculate how many of them were killed and relocated, rather than constructing “holocaust” museums. It’s important that Americans face their own history.

    • The European colonialists were awful to the native Americans. We as Americans do have to face the crimes of the government against them. They shouldn’t have been treated the way they were.

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