Nudism In San Francisco

Public nudity is legal in San Francisco. Sometimes people will see naked people walking down the street in San Francisco. As someone who promotes chastity I support public nudity because the main thing that encourages sexual arousal is not the naked body itself but rather the interplay between concealment and revealing of the body. When people are naked the body loses its allure because people get used to seeing it.

Here are some links to information on nudism in San Francisco, some of the links may be homosexual oriented however in posting these links this is not an endorsement of homosexuality. I am homophobic.

Another aspect to public nudity that is good is the fact that exposure to sunlight allows the body to generate vitamin D. Too much sunlight is bad, it can cause heat stroke and sunburn. However moderate exposure to sunlight in weather that is not too hot is healthy. If one is going to wear sunscreen I recommend that one exercise caution because sunscreen has been shown to cause skin cancer.

I am not going to post any videos of public nudity in San Francisco because some people might find such videos offensive however there are many videos on that one can access by searching youtube.

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7 Responses to Nudism In San Francisco

  1. Adam McEwan says:

    Hmm. To be honest, I can’t see public nudity being a good thing. I’d wouldn’t want to see. A am sure a nude female would mystify me, allurement or no.

  2. Adam McEwan says:

    I wouldn’t want to see it.*

  3. janoklark says:

    I think nudity is also healthy because it promotes circulation.

  4. janoklark says:

    @Adam: have you ever been to a nude hotsprings? I have never seen a man be aroused by the sight of naked women (no makeup, no stripping, just bathing). Not that I’m encouraging you, it’s a personal choice.

    • Adam McEwan says:

      Never been. It could be that one of the reasons that men don’t get aroused by Plain-Jane nudity is that their sexuality, being jaded, needs more. However, I don’t doubt that on attaining a certain level of purity a naked woman wouldn’t show up on your radal screen. Of course, there is a cultural element as well. Everyone knows that certain native tribes don’t consider breasts sexual at all and their females walk around topless unmolested.

      It’s interesting that we sometimes call women “skirts.” That is evidence towards the thesis presented here on the importance of a piece of cloth for producing sexual attraction.

      • janoklark says:

        I agree we could be jaded. But for much of history men and women of all ages bathed together in public facilities. This was true in Victorian England. I think in Rome the sexes were separated.

        I’ve seen pictures from nudist colonies and they just seem like regular folks living their normal lives. They probably don’t like clothes or something.

        In China I’ve gone through many winters without heating, and I used to have dreams of running naked through fields and feeling free. I think being bunged up on too many clothes was constricting me and giving me fantasies of not having to wear them. There were no other people present in the dreams.

        I could accept the idea that nudity could be illegal for society at large. Perhaps people that want to get away from clothes can just form their own groups and get along separately. Nudism is getting popular in Germany and they have nude flights. I haven’t heard of sexual issues with those.

        Julian Lee is strongly against public nudity because he thinks it attracts rape. He believes that nudist activities are only possible under the pretext of an already fairly civil society.

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