The Great Spirit, in lak’ech

The Native Americans called God The Great Spirit, the term Great Spirit is also in the book of mormon. The book of mormon purports to be a book about ancient America.

And Ammon said: This is God. And Ammon said unto him again: Believest thou that this Great Spirit, who is God, created all things which are in heaven and in the earth?

Alma 18:28

Spirit refers to energy. Great Spirit means big energy. The term greats spirit for God implies that God is a energy field that permeates the entire universe, or it implies that at least this energy field happens to be an aspect of God. The energy field could be described as a cosmic web that connects all living things and inanimate matter. This energy field would also be the source of the natural intelligence of the body. This energy field being God The Great Spirit. The natural intelligence of the body is what is manifest when the body heals a cut on its own. The natural intelligence of the body is also manifest during applied kinesiology. Holistic physicians often stress that people should listen to their bodies.

When a cut heals on its own God is healing that cut.

This idea that God permeates all things is called panentheism(not to be confused with pantheism) and this idea is found in scriptures discussing the hindu concept of God which is referred to as Brahman.

Some people say that part of health is having a connection to God, this great spirit energy field of the universe. And that being cut off from this energy field causes one to be sick. There is also the implication here that in recognizing ones connection with God one also feels connected to the natural world. It seems like much of the environmental degradation our society has experienced is a result of denying our connection to the natural world.

It is not surprising then that hindu scriptures stress the importance of animal rights and protecting the environment. The Brahman concept of God contains the idea that God is within all things and all creatures as well as the idea that we are all connected with each other, the natural world, the other species of beings, and the world in general.

This sentiment in the hindu book the Srimad Bhagavatam might be related to that God concept, this is advice given to a King:

The path of goodness traversed by your father, grandfather and great-grandfathers is that of maintaining the subjects [prajās], including the men, animals and trees. That is the path you should follow. Unnecessary anger is contrary to your duty. Therefore I request you to control your anger.

The word “maintaining” in the above quote means to protect, to maintain the well being of. The kings subjects not only include people but also plants and animals and it is the duty of a King to protect them.

Ultimately what has disconnected people from the natural world is relying on cars for transportation instead of walking. Cars prevent people from noticing their local environment.

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One Response to The Great Spirit, in lak’ech

  1. Adam McEwan says:

    I can vouche for the last point; I walk and consequently take as much pride as I can in my local environment. If everyone walked there wouldn’t be much ugly architecture and trash on the ground. I think the car as an invention has done a lot of damage to nature and also the psyche of man.

    Another thing about the car is that it is very egalitarian. My superior physical strength means nothing behind the wheel. A 16 year-old cheerleader gets an undue sense of her importance driving dad’s SUV.

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