Soul Retrieval

I am going to be discussing new age shamanism in this post. New age shamanism is basically modern interpretations of primitive belief systems from a variety of cultures. Some people who say they practice a shamanic spirituality advocate the use of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic drugs are not something I recommend people use, they are dangerous. Psychedelic drugs can help people explore the mind but I recommend people try to explore the mid through meditation without the use of psychedelics because psychedelics are ultimately harmful.

Soul retrieval is a new age shamanic practice. It’s theoretical foundation is based on the belief that because of traumatic events people become disconnected with certain parts of their spirit. Soul retrieval involves re-connecting with those parts of our spirit that have become disconnected. The trauma that causes one to feel not connected to certain parts of ones spirit is sometimes called: “the shattering of the spirit”. When people are not connected to certain parts of their spirit it is as though other people have stolen that aspect of the life-force from them. Another way of putting it would be other people have hidden that aspect of the life-force from oneself.

There was a series of books published in the 1990’s called the Celestine Prophecy series that talked about how people steal eachothers life-force from eachother in society and that human society is very sadomasochistic in that regard. Human society is basically filled with people competing with eachother for energy and this can often manifest in bullying but manifests in other ways too. The book states that people stop feeling a need to rob others of their energy when they themselves are healed of past traumas. The book advocates that people look within for sources of energy rather than trying to rip away the energy of others.

Another term for soul retrieval is soul recovery. Many people have a number of different approaches to helping someone recover their soul. Some believe that hypnosis can help and some believe meditation can help. Meditation is the inward journey. There is no established dogma though  on what techniques help in soul retrieval and so people are left up to their own devices to improvise.


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3 Responses to Soul Retrieval

  1. Adam McEwan says:

    I’ve heard of this. It’s a basic concept in the Castenada books. It’s also very similar to Jung’s conception of the shadow. I can’t tell you if it’s true or not.

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