Higher Self

There is a understanding in folklore that climbing a mountain is symbolic of spiritual attainment. But what is attained? It would possibly be the attaining of the higher self. But what is the higher self? A higher self implies there are different types of self’s with differences between them. It is possible that these differences are based on perspective and so the higher self would be defined by a perspective one has on the world. And so the perspective of the higher self would be one of transcendence.

What does transcendence mean? Part of transcendence is “seeing the big picture”. The world looks different when one sees it looking down from above as compared to when one views it horizontally. Seeing the big picture helps one to understand the various points of view in a situation.

Another aspect to transcendence is a sense of inner peace. Being in the world but not of it. Inner peace has a number of aspects, one of its aspects is: “retaining ones own energy within oneself”.

It is through inner peace that joy blossoms.

It has been said that meditation is the path towards transcendence. The journey towards transcendence is also known as ascension. People have postulated that as one experiences ascension ones spirit starts to vibrate at higher frequencies of vibration.

It has also been said that meditation is the blossoming of the heart.

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