Cuba, France, Monarchism, And Legends

In traditional societies monarchies developed as embodiments of the virtues espoused by the church. Monarchs inspired cult of personalities, they were seen as heroic and as embodying virtues. Virtue is based on the word virile and virility is related to the word semen and precious are seen as the semen of God and monarchs wear crowns with stones on them as a symbol of the virility and hence virtue.

Monarchs were seen as living embodiments of virtues which was taught to people by the church thus church and monarchy were seen as a team. What destroyed the monarchies was sexual libertinism. This can be seen in France in terms of the French revolution. Prior to the French revolution the monarchy became more sexually libertine, meaning they had things like orgies and all sorts of sexual depravities. The consequence of that was that they were destroyed by the peasants. Their genealogical records were burnt too.

Sexual libertinism destroys the aristocracy. Virility is not acquired through discharge of semen, virility is acquired through retention of semen. The fact that a monarch wears jewels upon his or her head with a crown is symbolic of the raising of kundalini energy from the sexual chakras to the emotional and intellectual centers through the practice of chastity.

Having pictures of monarchs is a way of focusing on their virtue in an effort to embody it. Associated with monarchies are legends of heroic deeds, an example of this is The King Arthur legends.

Seemingly paradoxically  there seems to be a resurrection of monarchical ideals in Cuba. For many years Castro ruled as a King would being looked up to as embodying heroic ideals and virtues. Che Guevara has been and still is in Cuba treated as a legendary sort of person similar to King Arthur. The main difference between Cuba and traditional monarchies is the role of the church. In Cuba they persecuted christianity for awhile but now people can be religious without having to worry about persecution. The government realized the people want to be religious. The church doesn’t play a central role in the state. People are mainly christian but there are also some people of other religions. They have a few muslims too but they don’t allow the construction of mosques in Cuba.

An American example of loss of chastity resulting in a loss of political power is embodied in the story of the priest-king Quetzalcoatl who ruled a kingdom in South America. One day an enemy of his gave him tea which was laced with psychedelic mushrooms. Quetzalcoatl broke his vow of chastity and copulated with a temple priestess. The result of this is he was banished from the kingdom and his enemy took over the kingdom.

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One Response to Cuba, France, Monarchism, And Legends

  1. janoklark says:

    Napoleon broke his chastity the night before Waterloo.

    Dwight Eisenhower was enticed by a young prostitute and agent Kay Summersby into allowing the creation and use of the atomic bomb.

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