Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is also known as muscle testing. In the above video it is demonstrates that just the presence of unhealthy foods near someone causes their muscles to be weaker than when healthy foods are near them.

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3 Responses to Applied Kinesiology

  1. More from the maker of the above video

  2. janoklark says:

    The comments are funny. We need some big science org to test everything for us, and we have no credentials to test things for ourselves (!).

    Also a funny comment:

    One point about Stevia, I have read the processing of Stevia can make it have high levels of lead. -researchfiend 2 years ago

    Stevia is processed with pure water. I wonder who would put out disinfo about stevia? Stevia was only made legal in recent years in the US, whereas it’s a traditional sweetener in Japan. Eric Hufchmid likes the stevia example to show how corrupt our government is, like how it bans hemp without reason, just because of bribes from the paper industry. Could big sugar be behind the disinfo about stevia?

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