Capitalism Is A Genocide Machine

If you haven’t heard much about the ongoing genocide in Papua New Guinea then your not alone, most don’t know anything about it. The indonesian government has annexed the province of West Papua with the backing of the USA government and other western powers due to the existence of vast mineral wealth in the area. Western powers are supplying the indonesians with weapons and logistical information in their quest to gain control of the region and ethnically cleanse the area of the indigenous people there.

The above link states that the indonesians are suppressing the culture of the indigenous people and that it is illegal there for the indigenous people to play their folk music.

The media blackout in the west about this situation may have something to do with the media being somehow bribed or pressured by interests that have financial investments in the area… or the people who have financial investments in the area might own very large shares in the media corporations.

In the comments I will post a comment that links to a youtube video which shows excessive harassment by the authorities to the indigenous people.

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3 Responses to Capitalism Is A Genocide Machine

  1. janoklark says:

    People often say that capitalism is very successful, because it has provided well for the US and other places. What they don’t mention that is often mentioned here in China is that the success of the US financially does not count as a win, because they have primarily relied on exploitation of other countries and have militarily attacked on average two countries per year. The idea of democracy in the US is also null. If it is a human right to vote for the destiny of your country, is it a human right to vote for the destiny of other countries? Can Catfish and I vote to take the home of some random person, or steal their car? That’s not human rights. It’s outright immoral.

    And what the US has done is used its leaders primarily to make decisions about other countries. And that’s difficult to explain in terms of lofty ideals.

    • The wealth of the USA which has been expropriated from other countries is wealth that is of an illusionary nature. Now the economy is collapsing and revealing the illusionary nature of that wealth.

      Similarly the cultural foundations of America were built on illusion too. All these disney movies and other sorts of entertainment that entirely avoids that negative aspects of the world in favor of painting a happy picture on everything, pretending that all is well. I’m not against happy stuff but if people are entirely unrealistic then that is not good.

      The cultural foundations of America have shattered too leaving very superficial entertainment filled with potty humor and entertainment done for shock value.

      The entire nature of America is one of uprootedness. No cultural systems have taken root and no wealth is rooted in the land. The populations that migrated here never firmly established themselves in the land.

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