Dorito’s Superbowl Commercials Promote Homosexuality

Watching the superbowl yesterday I was very disappointed to see what Dorito’s did with their commercials.

I will post a comment that provides links to the two commercials. I won’t post the links here because youtube links posted in the blog post section show a video image of the commercials and these commercials are vile. I’m not sure why Dorito’s did this.

The above site goes into detail explaining various things about homosexuality and reading these things will give the reader a negative impression of homosexuality.

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2 Responses to Dorito’s Superbowl Commercials Promote Homosexuality

  1. These are the links to them.

  2. janoklark says:

    I saw the video at the first link, and it is really disgusting. Also I’d like to respond to a comment that was under the video:

    THIS people, is part of why the towers fell on 9/11 in NYC. I honestly cannot blame radicals for hating the U.S.A. when utter f#$%ing filth like this is shown on national tv. The poster (below) who said Doritos will next come out with penis-shaped chips is NOT far off the mark. This is only the midway part of how far America will slide before it crashes…do you think mainland China goes for this crap ? It doesn’t, THATS why its flourishing. The west is done !

    The gist of this comment is basically correct. The Chinese are improving morally, while North America and Europe is degrading morally, and this is giving China a strong upper hand. They are not generally more moral than Whites at this time, but they are improving, and with their population, even slow improvement shows dramatic results. They already have a superior study ethic and family relations ethic than Whites.

    And as the comment states, if the West keeps going this direction, it will find itself a slave to the Chinese, who will easily exploit their weaknesses.

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