What Is A Zombie?

Nowadays in popular culture there are many movies made about zombies. Why? The reason for this is that many people in society are zombies and that’s why we have become obsessed about them. A zombie is a corpse that walks around and does things. Similarly in our society many people have been drained of their life-force through things like wanking, homosexuality, the use of drugs, too much or too little exercise, and too much or too little food. This is why the term wanker has historically been an insult, being a wanker turns people into zombies. People who masturbate excessively are more likely to develop homosexual impulses as well. Zombies in films are often depicted as having wide open mouths, they are mouth breathers. In folklore being a mouth breather is considered a sign of stupidity and the term mouth breather itself means stupid person. Zombies are depicted as beings which eat human brains. This is symbolic of people who have become zombies wanting to reproduce their state of zombiehood in others. Meaning a person who is a wanker will often encourage others to wank. Zombiehood means being chronically drained of energy.

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6 Responses to What Is A Zombie?

  1. Adam McEwan says:

    What else… Zombies (wankers) have bad complexions, unhealthy looking skin. They are always hungry for “brains”, having used up their own in fruitless passion. And surely universal wankdom is the end of civilization and the world as we know it, a veritable “zombie apocalypse.”

  2. janoklark says:

    The Chinese also have a version of the zombie: 行屍走肉 xíngshīzǒuròu. “Walking flesh.” They use this to curse people who have no purpose or constructive activity. When someone is listless they can say, 他缺乏精力 Tā quēfá jīnglì, literally, “He lacks sperm power.” Jīnglì in Chinese is also a testament to the fact that their ancient culture was very well aware of the male creative power, and in fact defined power in these terms.

  3. Adam McEwan says:

    You may want to add this to the links of your website; http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19924/19924-h/19924-h.htm#chapj

    Fantastic book on the bad effects of wanking. Author invented Corn Flakes!

  4. Hauser says:

    Indeed todays popular culture is extremely obsessed with all things undead, zombies, vampires, werewolves etc. Perhaps it is as you say that disturbing the lifeforce through disturbing the sexual energy is something that warps people in a way that gives this fascination with monsters.

    Years ago i heard some hare krishna guy talking about the kali yuga being an age when people would become ghostlike. I scoffed it off then but in todays world it seems to almost hold a bit of truth.

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