The Sad Case of Corey Haim

Corey Haim is a famous actor from Canada who was in a number of American movies. Cory Haim has recently died of drug overdose, within the past couple of years.

He claimed to have been molested when he was younger here, his friend childhood actor Corey Feldman claims the same. They were both in a A&E reality TV series The Two Cory’s where they mention this.

They were both in the movies License To Drive and Lost Boys. Like the Peter Pan books the movie Lost Boys also trivializes child abduction, in the case of Lost Boys the movie claims that kidnapped children become vampires. Again, no one actually believes kidnapped children become vampires but on a psychological level this sort of entertainment dulls the horror of the missing children phenomena.

And so one has to wonder, was the people involved in making the Lost Boys movies involved in any sort of pedophilia just as the author of Peter Pan was a pedophile? It is particularly suspicious that both of The Cory’s were molested and maybe this molestation is somehow related to the people who worked on the Lost Boys movies. One thing that indicates that the makers of lost boys were pederasts is the fact that in the room of the character played by the young child actor Corey Haim were posters of male models on the wall.

Also there is a scene in the movie where Corey Chaim is singing a song in a bubble bath with the lyrics “I aint got a man”. These two things make it clear that at least one person who had a certain degree of influence over the movie Lost Boys was a pederast.

It seems that pederasts may make entertainment that trivialized child abduction in an effort to protect those who are kindred spirits to them. This could even be instinctual on their part.

Both the Cory’s were friends with Michael Jackson but they claim it was not him who they were molested by. Both became drug addicts and one died. Victims of child molestation often become drug addicts and some commit suicide.

To fully understand the references in this post see the two posts made previous to this one, they lead up to this post.

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12 Responses to The Sad Case of Corey Haim

  1. janoklark says:

    Feldman said,

    Not only did I continue being friends with the guy, but he was working for me.

    Being a performer my self, I see this to mean his agent. The reason is that he was a child actor at the time, meaning his parents put him up to it. Typically the parents (like MJ’s dad) allow the agent, director and/or producer to molest and rape their kids.

    If this person working for him who molested him were an insignificant employee (who? a roadie? do actors even have roadies?) then why tolerate the abuse? I think he had to tolerate it because his parents were forcing him to do it, and he wasn’t independent enough at the time to run away from his situation.

  2. janoklark says:

    As with all Hollywood and music industry “drug overdoses”, this overdose is highly suspicious. To learn about how suspicious deaths of stars increased dramatically during the late 60’s and early 70’s, see Salvador Astucia: (and go to the bottom where it says “other mysterious deaths”)

    The central issue is what John Lennon said: “We’re more popular than Jesus.” It also goes without saying that they were more popular than the president or any puppet politician. So what they say must be kept under very strict control.

    What did Corey Haim say before his death?

    Michael Jackson complained publicly about Jews twice before his deathand was singing a 1995 song “They Really Don’t Care About Us” in which he uses the word “kike.” In his final months, he had converted to Islam.

    Lennon escaped two or three assassination attempts while he opposed the Vietnam War, and was finally killed while he was publicly opposing Reagan’s Star Wars. Elvis was killed while privately researching the JFK assassination. Practically all the performers from Woodstock mysteriously died.

    After reading about the literally hundreds of Hollywood deaths in mysterious and unlikely circumstances, you begin to wonder if any of them are actually suicides, drug overdoses, plane crashes (!), car crashes, lone crazy gunners…..What? Are they really so sad that they are so rich and famous? Would you be sad?

  3. janoklark says:

    I think my suspicions are bearing out. This story shows that Haim didn’t even die of drug overdose, as is now always claimed:
    Later on they determined the cause of death to be pneumonia. According to the story, Haim was already off drugs for some time. Also, Feldman seems to have been pretending he was Haim’s friend after Haim’s death, but the two rarely talked in the two years before he died, and this might be the time when Haim got off of drugs, too:
    The above story shows that Feldman was playing around and partying right after Haim’s death.

    It looks like two years before Haim’s death (in 2008)
    1. he started get off drugs
    2. stopped talking to Feldman
    3. started talking about being molested

    And despite being off drugs, the media depends on projecting an image of him being drug-addled as to make their official story more plausible. (Though his death cert. doesn’t even support the official story).

  4. janoklark says:

    Indeed the director of the Lost Boys was a pederast, Joel Schumacher (who also has a “pedosmile”):

    The producers were Richard Donald Swartzberg (“Richard Donner”) and Harvey Bernhard, whose Wikipedia page is practically blank:

  5. janoklark says:

    This is a journeyman documentary on the Italian sex slave trade:

    and the story of two girls abducted and taken to Italy:

    The strange aspect of this story is they took their father with them.

    • A very disturbing documentary. Isn’t it interesting how the lust of MEN is creating these hell realms in our society.

      • janoklark says:

        You certainly get the feeling that the cops will never catch up to all those hookers and their pimps, as long as there are so many Johns.

        It’s strange that Hugh Grant just said “sorry” for picking up hookers in Italy. Does one say “sorry” for enslavement? “Oh sorry I enslaved someone. It’s really very regrettable.” (?)

        And look at how Albania has been ruined by this lust.

      • We also have to look at what fuels this lust. All the glamour magazines and models who are used to sell products. Because many of these advertisements are soft core pornography. And then of course there is pornography itself that is involved in this lust which makes it directly related to the sex slave industry.

      • People have been brainwashed into believing that purchasing prostitution(being a whoremonger) is a victimless crime. I think Hugh Grant may have genuinely been a victim of this indoctrination.

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