The Male Soul Has Been Under Attack

Firstly let me say that I am not discouraging the acquisition of money, money is important in our society. However men have had their souls under attack for a very long time because they have been treated as walking ATM machines. To many women they see men as wallets and because of this men base their identity and self-esteem on how much money they have. Men are only valued in society for their money.

Because of this men have lost contact with their souls and their unique male spirituality due to being exclusively pre-occupied with the material realm. Men do not balance the material and the spiritual because they’re only valued in society for their money. Men have lost touch with who they are, they don’t know who they are. They are not in contact with their souls.

Robert Bly of the mythopoetic mens movement for years has been using poetry and myth to help guide men back to their souls. Poetry is something very manly. An earlier post about the mythopoetic movement was made here:

The Mythopoetic Mens Movement

In some ways homosexuality among males is a rebellion against the male situation where men are only valued for  their money. However homosexuality is a mistake because homosexuality is a crime against masculinity, it is an expression of hatred against masculinity.  The way to rebel against the male situation is not by hating masculinity, it is by rediscovering the spiritual aspect to masculinity. We as men cannot rely upon women to help us discover the spiritual aspect of homosexuality. This is why in workshops and gatherings where men seek to understand what it means to be a man they organized in a way where they are male gatherings. Just as women need female fellowship in order to affirm their womanhood in a healthy way so do men need male fellowship.

When men forget what it means to be a man and lose touch with their unique male spirituality the result is is they forsake their natural roles in society. When this happens society experiences high levels of drug addiction, child molestation, and battered women.

In the comments section will be posted some links to some videos regarding this topic as well as other resources.

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5 Responses to The Male Soul Has Been Under Attack


    Anti-male stereotypes in the media:

    A college young man talks about feelings of inadequacy due to being a male:
    “The most powerful enemies of men’s openness are the corporate men. Three or four years ago there were hundreds of posters in New York one spring saying, “You don’t need to beat a drum or hug a tree to be a man.” At the bottom: “Dewar’s Whiskey.” The corporate world dares to say to young men, knowing how much young men want to be men, that the only requirement for manhood is to become an alcoholic. ”

  2. “”Take the time to feed holy every day,” he urged. “Find a way to write a poem to your ‘Invisible Soul.’ Take the most beautiful part of you that you’ve never met and welcome it home like a sweetheart.“


    Above is more links about the mankind project

  4. Adam McEwan says:

    It is becoming more and more clear to me that manhood is the key.

  5. janoklark says:

    I particularly like the part:
    the spiritual part of homosexuality

    Because this word is finally being used the right way. “Same genderness” (homo-sexuality) is not bad, it’s faggotry that is bad. It’s the way the powers that be try to separate us men from working together – by condemning and throwing under suspicion all male-male relationships.

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