Yet Another Reason To Oppose The War In Afghanistan

Wikileaks a little while aback has revealed that the United States government is helping to finance the prostitution of children for the sake of certain influential Afghans.

This is yet another reason for why the USA should get out of Afghanistan(and other foreign areas). The fact that American tax dollars are financing this is disgusting.

The now infamous Wikileaks recently released a cable from Afghanistan revealing U.S. government contractor DynCorp threw a party for Afghan security recruits featuring trafficked boys as the entertainment. Bacha bazi is the Afghan tradition of “boy play” where young boys are dressed up in women’s clothing, forced to dance for leering men, and then sold for sex to the highest bidder. Apparently this is the sort of “entertainment” funded by your tax dollars when DynCorp is in charge of security in Afghanistan.

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3 Responses to Yet Another Reason To Oppose The War In Afghanistan

  1. janoklark says:

    From the article:

    Of course, this isn’t the first time DynCorp has used U.S. tax dollars to support sex trafficking. In Bosnia in 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from the company after blowing the whistle on DynCorp’s staffers pimping out girls as young as 12 from Eastern European countries. DynCorp settled a lawsuit involving Bolkovac, and her story was recently featured in The Whistleblower, where she was portrayed by Rachel Weiss. It’s a happy ending for one DynCorp whistle blower, but will there be a Bolkovac in Afghanistan?

  2. janoklark says:

    I would venture to say that due to mass sexual misconduct among the people, the most underreported issue in the news today is sex slavery.

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