Homosexuality Destroys Male Affection

When I was in fourth grade I was at a fair with my friend and my father. As I was walking around the fair with my friend I had my arm around the shoulders of my friend and was talking to him. To have my arm like this felt natural. As my friend and I were walking around my father repeatedly came up to us and told me not to have my arm like and said it looked as though I was gay. After being harassed a number of times by my father I eventually stopped walking with my arm around the shoulder of my friend and we walked around the fair without making physical contact.

This story demonstrates that when homosexuality is an accepted behavior in society males cease showing eachother affection because they fear being labelled as homosexual by society. In societies where homosexuality is illegal men naturally show eachother affection. An example of this is that in Saudi Arabia men will often be seen walking down the street holding hands with eachother.

Young boys naturally how eachother affection because they have not yet been indoctrinated with the fear of being called homosexuals, it is very cruel the way in which society destroys natural male-male affection through its acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. I remember feeling very strange when my father told me not to put my arm around my friends shoulder due to it looking gay… it might have looked gay to him but there was nothing gay about it.

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20 Responses to Homosexuality Destroys Male Affection

  1. Adam McEwan says:

    Isn’t this the truth! It is very natural for me to want to hug or put my arm around friends in certian moments, but I refrain due to the taboo associated with showing fellow males affection. It’s a shame.

    On the other hand, true honest male affection isn’t inhibited entirely. In hockey, for instance, when someone scores a goal the whole team come in to embrace each other. I imagine there are other sports like this too.

    • That’s a good point, athletics is one place where showing affection isn’t taboo. Sports can be a good way for children to develop a variety of skills but sometimes I worry when parents try to mold their kids into super athletes and start trying to live vicariously through their children. I know about some instances where kids literally have no free time because they are constantly in training. But I do think sports can be very healthy for some children… there are other kids however who might not fit in with the whole athletic environment and might be better suited for other sorts of enrichment oriented activities.

  2. Elijah says:

    i agree with this, but as far as sports go. i take issue with the fact that it’s acceptable for the players to pat each others rear ends after scoring a touch down and touching each other there while in formation.

  3. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    I agree.

    This, as you put it, is one of the negative effects that comes from society trying to normalize homosexuality.

    That’s how sin works; it’s negative effects are often unpredictable, indirect, and take years to surface.

  4. It isn’t acceptance of homosexuality, but homophobia that destroys male affection. Your dad was AFRAID of you being gay or being perceived of as gay because being homosexual in America is still taboo. In the U.K., as homophobia is disappearing male affection is returning. Teenage boys are showing affection and not being called gay or being perceived as such. Source: http://www.salon.com/2012/02/22/is_homophobia_disappearing/singleton/

    Stamp out homophobia in the United States, then boys and subsequently men, won’t worry about showing affection with each other.

    • janoklark says:

      No it’s not a taboo, as in superstition, that misandrists are bad people and misandry a deviant, destructive tendency. the average age of these misandrists and misopedes is much shorter from their sin. they are not happy, so we do not call them “gay”. the incidence of venereal disease in this sad sinners is much much higher than the regular population. also a vastly disproportionate number of them are child molesters as well.

      worship of the anus is not something to be tolerated in a civil society. one incidence of it might not kill a man, and might be a sin on par with stealing ten dollars or smacking someone on the head. but we wouldn’t want to begin legalizing these things.

      the reason men are afraid to be showing affection to each other is that they will be perceived to be one of these perverts. being seen as a misandrist is NOT an honor, and it is not having a “taboo” to oppose anus worship.

      at the very least spilling sperm for nothing is a form of masturbation, time waste, and insulting whoever is covered in the waste product. no major civilization has survived the legalization and mainstreaming of anus worship.

    • Homophobia is such a stupid, stupid word… and way overused, especially by those who ascribe to or support the homosexual lifestyle.

      Most people are NOT afraid of homosexuals (as this manipulative word implies). However, there is indeed an immoral implication that certainly applies, and most “straight” men (you are correct) do NOT want to be thought of in the immoral way that “gay” certainly does imply… and can you blame them! It is a very normal human response, not a fear.

      The fact is that this normalization of homosexuality in our society isn’t “normal” at all, and deep down inside, most people still realize this fact. And straight men, especially, simply don’t like it. Fear has nothing to do with it in most cases.

      The historical photo record in the United States also supports this article, in the ways that vintage American photographs of men show so much innocent and non-sexual affection among men, up until about the late 1950’s, prior to the advent of the open homosexual political movement that began during the “Sexual Revolution” in the early 1960’s.

      It is indeed a tragedy, the ways that homosexuality has robbed affection from men, turning it into something that is associated with this immoral behavior, no matter how innocent and non-sexual the relationship is.

      For more information about freedom from homosexuality, may I also recommend beyondtheshadesofgray.org

  5. Completely agree with Christopher Duser. It’s the homophobia. If you don’t make it a big deal, guys wouldn’t care. Heck, I’d say some of the people who are gay are actually bisexual or confused because of the Mentality they have created for themselves due to society’s homophobia. Accepting it will get rid of it. The more it becomes the norm, the more men will care less and care more about being affectionate with other males.

  6. kobnr says:

    Their deathstyle? lol I think you’re assuming all gay/bi’s etc. are the same which is a pretty ignorant statement. People who are straight can be just as disgusting. And “faggots”… Really? Real mature there.

    • janoklark says:

      it is a deathstyle. fags live to about 45 years on average. their habits are disgusting and dangerous. they get STD’s far more than others.

      there is no such thing as a bi. you either suck dick or you don’t. and *realism* is maturity. we didn’t make the words faggot, queer and pederast derogatory, it’s rather the behavior of these lechers which is derogatory.

      • Like I said, not everyone is the same and pigeon-holing everyone into the same category is pretty ignorant. Personally, I do believe the mentality is a psychological issue. I do not believe people are “born” gay/bi/etc. but it’s hard to destroy a mentality that has pretty much been hardwired through repetitive behavior. Are some disgusting? Sure. But not everyone is the same. That’s like saying all blacks are thief’s. All Jews are cheap. All Muslims are terrorists, etc. It’s just not “realistic”.

      • janoklark says:

        Some stereotypes are true and others are not. The ones you mention are either simple or false. But in this day and age it is important to show the real face of queerdom and how it is leading to the death of millions and the ruin of millions of children’s innocence. Worship of the anus is not to be underestimated concerning its dangers, and how a person who crosses that line has no problem crossing other lines (like age, specie…) should not be overlooked. If you just love men, and it is a genuine love, this is very health-giving, and is a precept of our cult called androphilia. But anus worship is the exact opposite of this. It destroys the body, mind, and relationships with men.

  7. I entirely agree with you! Acceptance,,, no more tollerance of homosexuality is killing male affection that should exist naturally not just in sports. All over the civilized world this is demonstated. Its an insalt to a heterosexual male to call him gay, doesnt matter what the queers say. Gay culture dont help either with the objectifying nature it has within the group. I live in South Africa, maybe one of the most embracing countries in the world to homosexulaity. Growing up during the apartheid era where homosexuality were illegal guys, especially the young ones, and the ones living in rural areas use to holdhands, or like you describe arms around shoulders. Homosexuality was something foreign. Since then it is notable that guys dont even want to be naked in lockerroms or showers anymore, because of the fear of homosexual advances. Simply put, they dont know who thinks what about them. To men that are honorable, this is totally unacceptable, especially if you worry what girls and women thingks about you. To homosexuals it doesnt matter, they simply are flamboyantly dishonorable, as they carry what they do in private basically on heir sleeves.
    For a long time I couldnt understand why some guys attract me, there was no one to talk about it, and it is easy to confuse it with a sexual attraction.
    Since I studied up on this, amongst real cultures like the indians, Tiano, and Viking peoples you come to realise it is a bloodbrotherhood-ally- attraction. It is so so much more that sexual attraction looks shallow in comparison. Most men miss this crtical point, as close intamate friendships between men are discouraged by the global empire we live in.
    During the 1920ś and some of the earliest pictures showed guys sitting on each others laps, and/or embracing each other. What happened to us? We are robbed

    If I can reccomend a book it is THE WAY OF MEN written by Jack Donovan, but yes you have connected the dots correctly.
    Thank you for this piece

  8. Gosh some people here are ignorant! You’re judging something without knowing facts or having experienced it or someone “guilty” of it, purely based on being taught by someone else who was biased. Educate yourself, interact with those you fear or loathe because of their lifestyle. Picking parts of your bible or other education to apply or follow and justify in your lifestyle but condemning other parts is naive and shortsighted. Siting made-up dangers of homosexuality and honestly believing homos are the worst offenders of said dangers is even more naive. One is more likely to hear of upstanding family members and members of society with families of their own who got caught in sexual conduct with minors. It was also proven that bigotry against homosexuals because of the belief they are more likely and the worst offenders of spreading STDs, was unfounded because in fact heterosexuals ranked higher in the spread of STD’s and HIV. Dismissing the ability of gay people to live healthy and love-filled lives with healthy relationships, with families and children of their own, in steady and long-lasting relationships, judging them for “worshipping” anus (what a laugh), shame on you ignorant coward.

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